Tuesday, December 18, 2012

REM Cycle

So here's the thing.
I'm forgetting how to sleep.

I go to bed at night only to wait around for 4 hours while I try to get to sleep. Tonight (It is now 7 in the morning) I accidentally took a nap from 10-12 midnight and haven't slept a wink since. I have listened to some interesting talk radio, bought some Christmas presents online, watched some tv and thought about some projects that I'd like to get started on. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. After I make it through today, I can set my sleep schedule back to regular. And that'll be just in time for Christmas vacation. Perfect.

Who's excited to see their family for Christmas? I know I am.

Monday, December 10, 2012


It's photo time!! The new camera is in action. Here is what we have

Jars, on jars, on jars. We've got 2 kinds of Kimchi, sauerkraut, persimmon butter and bulbs!!

This is a close up and maybe my best picture so far.  

Here are two little guys I've got growing. Someday, they'll flower 

A postcard that I sent to a friend in China (fingers crossed that it makes it) 

postcard that I sent to a friend in New Orleans

Besides hiding from the cold in my sleeping bag and working, this is mostly what I've been up too. Also, writing down a story to possibly tell at a storytelling night this Thursday (if I can get over my brutally handicapping stage fright). Getting some inside plants started, harvesting the last of my tomatoes, and cooking awesome meals. Check out this one that I made here

Winter is coming. And, we'll have some delicious stuff to show for it. Next Sunday's crafternoon gathering will lead to grain alcohol infusions. I'm thinking basil vodka for bloody marys. It's gift making season!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bits and pieces

I have so many different projects underway. You guys best be glad that I don't have any way to capture the complete wreck that is my room right now.

I'm making little ambient light arrangements for my room. I'm getting rid of my couch and my desk, stripping a section of my room of two layers of wallpaper and one layer of paint in order to repaint it.

I just procured a loft for free and am now on the rampage fixing my room up. Ordered some sweet shelves for my future, and, am going to repaint my dresser. to match my shiny new wall. Besides that I'm trying to outfit a corner of my bed to be a little couch for reading while sitting up. That's important stuff. Nothing is done. Most of this is still a dream. But it's a dream that can be realized. I have three days a week off from work.

Wallpaper striping formula, primer, white paint, an electric sander, a tiny bit of colorful paint 3 colors, a little bit of wood to build supports on the loft/couch and a drill. That's what I need. I might pull up my carpet after this too. I just pulled up a bit to find that there is hardwood floor underneath of this ugly stuff. Why would you do that to a space?!

Besides that I'm working on some Christmas projects, postcards, and some ongoing yard work. My biggest problem is that I forget to eat when I get all caught up in these things. I've been living off of brussel sprouts and corn tortillas for two days for lack of faster and better things to eat once I realize that I'm starving. It'll all balance out eventually. Plus, brussel sprouts are the best. But seriously, who wants to come over and feed me?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The gift of gratitude

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. 
Denis Waitley 

If gratitude is a gift, then ya'll are about to get a whole bunch of presents from me. Because in the spirit of the season, but also as a gesture that should be made more often, here is a abbreviated list of things for which I am thankful. 

I give thanks for the new community that I have in Portland, from my friends that now live in the neighborhood, to those that live all the way out in Kenton. I am grateful to have come in contact with all the lovelies that I have and to have the support of my friends as I embark on a variety of emotional journeys.

I am almost everyday thankful that my stomach is not as weak and pained as it used to be. By all accounts I have a finicky stomach but if you all just knew how much worse it could be. (Shout out to those of you who do). 

I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with a family that is a: still around. b: very supportive. c: very handsome (I's got to get these genetics from somewhere baby dolls). But even more this time around, I am thankful for the way that my family and I got to grow closer over the past year and to be there for my grandmother as she was sick. I am thankful to see my immediate family this upcoming holiday season, I can't wait. 

With appreciation, I view the relationships that haven't made it because in the long run they will help me fine tune what I want and need and are great growing experiences. 
I appreciate, the fine food of the town in which I live.
Same for the shovel that helps me conquer blackberry bushes, plant veggies and bulbs. 
I really appreciate my roomies, who are a generally well meaning and kind block of people living far too close together. 
I appreciate the friends that aren't close by. It is a wonderful thing to have community all around the country but my how I do miss them. 
I am truly grateful for the people that I work with because work is only bearable when you do it with good people and am so happy to have a job that not only pays the bills but settles me down on the most anxious days and lets me be creative. 

If I have not mentioned some things that I should clearly be thankful for, don't you worry kiddos, this is an abbreviated list right?  a good thanksgiving. Eat your heart out. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Look forward to the future photographs. I just got an old camera from a friend and while right now it is totally dead, once we get a new power cord for that baby, you guys will be seeing what I see. I know, exciting. It might lead me on even better picture taking adventures. Look ahead lovelies.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

where one follows the other

Lists are the bomb.com. You know that. You can get so much done in a day, even if you wake up late, if only there is a tidy little list waiting for you to cross it's items out.

I'm back to running and while it is basically pathetic in comparison to what my body was capable of a month and a half ago, it's better than nothing. Everything is a give and take.

Also, my garden is going to be spectacular next year. I have planted a bunch of bulbs, have a little section planned out for the tubers I'll be getting in the spring, and will still have a steady crop of veggies I think. I'm even learning about spacing and whatnot. You're only a novice once. People don't understand the growers excitement but growing things is like witnessing magic all the time. Were does all that plant come from? It can't be that tiny little seed.

This is where my garden is right now. Still harvesting tomatoes off of my cherry tomato plant, got some inside basil working away. The bush snap peas are getting bigger but not a whole lot to harvest yet, two measly spinach plants have decided to grow. Slugs are eating everything. The carrots are taking off, I have at least one daikon radish ready to pick and a couple little red radishes showing their heads, the broccoli is still tiny (thanks slugs) but I have volunteer red lettuce, one kale plant that is hardy as all get out, and a whole bunch of chinese cabbage that I don't even know what to do with.

Next year: I will have radishes, bush peas, kale, spinach and lavender at the very least (I guess thyme and rosemary too) But, I also plan on having another tomato plant, a winter squash plant, a zucchini plant and perhaps an eggplant. Get excited and plan on staying with me come august. Because, there will be too much food for my household (it is best to remain ever hopeful).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Without you it's just not the same

I miss my grandma, Mamaw. As my birthday approaches I know that this is going to be the first one for which I won't receive a birthday card from her. She has been such a positive and caring force all of my life and I am missing it for sure as my first big life event without her approaches.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

up not down

I've just been through a break up. But, while I am crazy about this fellow, I'm not going down. I deserve someone who is not only great but also crazy about me. I'm not big on romantic love, but basically, I need someone who is capable of falling in love with me too.

When we go through something hard it really does make us stronger. I can feel my emotional muscles now, bulking up, getting ripped. I don't really believe in holding back. It may be naive, but how else do you get the most out of your time with someone? You need to go into relationships without walls up, ready to become attached, giving what you've got. This, unfortunately is also how you get yourself hurt when it doesn't work out. There are pros and cons to this method. Still, I think it's the only way for me. Caution is a silly thing that stops you from fully experiencing the best things in life*

Luckily, my birthday is coming up too. So, there is something really positive on the horizon. Can't wait, can't wait! Get excited people. And wish me a speedy recovery from heartbreak.

* Caution has also been known to save lives from time to time. Do proceed with it in the case of high risk activities i.e. cage fighting. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm taking two of my lady friends to the marathon that I had planned on running earlier this month tomorrow. That means a 6am wake up time. Good golly miss Molly! That's early. But, I'm happy to do it. I'm glad that someone will be getting to run that marathon and to get out of town as well. It will be really nice to switch things up. I've been really aching to get out of town.

The east coast had me spoiled with the abundance of different cities all within a couple hours drive of bus ride from the next one. Now, when I want to get out of town, I don't know what to do or more aptly, where to go.

I'd hop down to San Fran if it wasn't flying distance away and Seattle is close, so that's always an option. I am partial to chocolate factories so it might be the very best option. Too bad I'm such a city slicker. I need to live near more of them to be comfortable.

What's your favorite living situation? Big city, small town, open country, backwoods of a national forest?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Physical hardships

My body is having a rough week. My foot is still aching from the marathon producing a limp in any journey ranging over 70 yards or so. I burn myself with sugar not once but two times throughout the workweek (sweet, sweet pain) and then again while cooking at home yesterday. While hanging out with Alex the other day I got a splinter, through my sock and into my foot. Are you for real?! And yesterday, I bought a hole punch which not only broke on it's first use but also pinched a little bit of my hand in the act of breaking, adding insult to injury.

It looks like I won't be running another race in a couple of weeks which sucks! My muscles feel great. I want to run. I just want my foot to feel better so I can run. I'm going for a sports injury massage tomorrow. Please let it help. Working six days a week this week unless someone gets excited about picking up for me. That would be great. I don't think that standing for 6 hours at a time is doing my foot any favors although it does my mind some favors because the opposite is feeling lazy sitting around all day which is THE PITS.

How do you cope with injury. I've never been physically incapable of running. I don't know what to do. At least I can still bike but the rains have come so that is not nearly so fun anymore. Time to suck it up and get that pool pass.

Monday, October 8, 2012

going thousand miles an hour

To quote a MIA song which is in turn referencing a Jonathan Richmond song, I'm a road runner. 

So, the next three weeks with minimal runs and then a much less metropolitan Marathon than I am used to will be an interesting combination of unusual exercises. Still it will be fun and having this, well run, marathon under my belt feels good. 

I began to think around mile 22 that we are meant to do endurance exercise. Humans are amazing creatures who, I think, benefit from pushing themselves physically as well as mentally. 

I'm on the lookout for new exercise programs. Yoga, biking and swimming are high on my radar. Because, who knows what is next, perhaps a triathlon? 

What are you getting into? How are you planning on staying fit as the leaves change color and the weather grows chilly? 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Portland road running

Marathon tomorrow.
I am super excited to eat donuts after this son of a gun is over. I bought new shoes but am wearing my old.
Wish me luck or at least a speedy enough recovery that I can run the Columbia Gorge Marathon in 3 weeks too.

Best of the best to ya,

Monday, October 1, 2012


Chestnuts, I hear you can roast those bad boys over an open fire.

Turns out, a lot of chestnut trees spring up this time of year around Portland, dropping their meaty little packages all over the roads and sidewalks. It is a gleaner's paradise. Gathering them, has become a near daily activity for me as it is hard to pass up any free resource that will otherwise go to waste (or equally as bad. go to squirrels).

Me hopping off the bike and stuffing my little stretch pockets full of chestnuts almost seems natural until a passerby has to delicately swerve around my nut focused presence on the sidewalk. Then, I remember, it looks kinda weird to be picking food up off of the street. Oh well, winter is nigh and someone wants to be prepared for a open fire.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's about time. It's all about time. It's time to catch you sweethearts up on my life in which I feel like there isn't time for much.

To be fair, I spent all day today reading and cleaning (with a break for some farm veggie pickup and birthday cupcake ingredient gathering). There really is time but I have been spending a lot of it with a specific someone and that means less time at home cooking meals for me, keeping up with the New Yorker, or finding pants to wear in the winter.

Yesterday I did devote a span of the good stuff (a couple hours) to looking for those pants to no avail. Why is it so hard for someone with solidly muscular legs that also happen to be as short as a 12 year old's to find pants that fit? Wait, did I just answer my own question? Going shopping for pants actually makes me feel insecure about my body. I am beautiful. It is ridiculous. But, how many pairs of pants can you try on before you start to wonder why it is that your body deviates from the standard of beauty so much that you can't squeeze even a small section of the aforementioned pant over your calf?  Or you wonder why your butt crack has to hang out? Answer: because your thighs are too big to keep the appropriately fitting waist from getting quite to where it is going. Finding pants might be worse than finding a bathing suit. I'm thinking of buying quite a few pairs of merino wool tights and just calling it a tie. But, I'm not sure that I will be warm enough all winter in skirts and very thick tights. I tend to wear pants and tights with great regularity in my own home throughout the nippy season. Oh, the joys of the encroaching cold season. And the rain. Let's not get started on the rain.

Besides being basically bummed about winter wear, I have been thinking about my grandma a lot which also makes me bummed in a much more serious mournful type of way. I fear that I have really not been that much fun to hang around for the past couple of weeks. Plus, being sad makes me homesick so I miss the family and the friends of the east coast especially much.

When, I work my way back to normalcy, I have lots to do. Food to cook before it goes bad, triathlon participants to cheer on, gardens to maintain, books to read. As a bit of a coincidence I am reading "Mountains Beyond Mountains" which my lovely older brother is also reading. One of my marathon training buddies is turning the big 30 this year. Coming into another decade isn't something you get to do often and I'd like it to be a special time, so there is that in my life as well.

I'm into the tapering bit of my marathon training. Tapering always makes me feel week even though I know it is for the best. I also miss all those endorphins that go along with my long and medium runs. That probably hasn't been helping out with the general malaise that I have been feeling. Still, I'm excited (and yes, incredibly nervous) for race day. Is it stupid to do two races within 3 weeks of one another? I am beginning to think it is. But, I'm signed up, it's too late. What to do about that?

Well now, I'm off to eat tomato pie and contemplate how life can be so wonderful as to have things such as tomato pie. Wish me luck on living with joy. Until next time.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Allright, I'm addicted. The Portland marathon is in 3 weeks and 2 days and I have already signed up for the Columbia Gorge Marathon which takes place merely 2 weeks and 6 days after that. I couldn't resist. It looked so beautiful. Plus, I'll be in shape already, right?

After this, I might need to take some kind of break from running... I guess. Maybe, find me a good yoga studio again or take up swimming (as if). Maybe we'll try for the 100 mile bike ride on the fixie. One can only dream at this point.

All the best kiddos. Try to keep in shape.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


So, I've basically been missing in action for the past few weeks. The thing is, that both my phone and my computer went down at the same time. At said time, I entered into a technological void.

In truth, It wasn't that I had no access to the world of technology (I had a borrowable, roomie computer and many people with phones around) but none of that was mine. Soon, I returned to the land of cellular phones but it was not such a quick process to find the right computer. After much deliberation, I have my "new" macbook pro off of the apple refurbished web site. I can only describe it as buttery. Everything is so fluid and beautiful, it makes me wonder how I made it through the two past years without a mac. This, simple and intuitive, design is what I am made to use. I think I'm in love.

So, what has happened in the past couple of weeks? So much... My sister, and most ardent reader, Katelyn, visited and then skipped town. We went to the highest point in Portland, to the famous international rose testing garden (where they breed new types of roses and keep roses from all over the world), to the gorge for a beautiful hike, on many a run and bike ride. We put fall crops in the ground for the garden and we made sun dried tomatoes and harvested a boat load of grapes and asian pears from my back yard. Also, we went on my personal favorite September activity, swift watching.

Now, if you have been reading this blog for some time, then you have already heard of swift watching but if you haven't you can read about it here. Make sure to check out that picture. It is beautiful. Since, I went with Katelyn, I have gone one more time with Alex- the gentleman that I am dating- as well as some friends and coworkers and I plan on going again on Friday. This year, I will get the most out of swift watching.

Outside of that, I have been getting sweet mail from friends and loved ones. Alex went away for a week and sent me three pieces of rad snail mail. Natalie, who lived in house for the month of August, sent a beautiful handmade card, and Rachael sent a sweet postcard from NH. All in all, it's been a good mail week (not to mention I got a computer in the mail).

Work has me by it's talons for the next couple of weeks. Today will be my 9th day at work and I have 5 more days to go before my break on Tuesday but believe you me, Tuesday will be a sweet lazy day.

Running is getting more intense as we prepare for the longest of our pre marathon runs on Saturday. It will be a 20 miler. But, right after that we go into tapering and I am, as of yet, undecided about what will follow the marathon. Maybe a half in December? Maybe for the winter, I will transfer to an indoor exercise program. Back to yoga perhaps... There is plenty of promise about, as the air grows crisp and fall approaches. Anything goes.

Sorry for the helter skelter fashion of this post. I avow to update more concisely and frequently in the near future.

All the best sweet ones.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oftentimes it is hard to get the respect that you deserve.

Is it because others aren't ready to give as much as you need? It's hard to give that much respect, I'll admit it.  I need a whole lot.

I think the problem, for me, lies in the fact that I am generally happy. People don't take you seriously when you've got a smile on your face. How do you change that? Are you just a surprise to people your whole life? Do you have to sneak up on them with your strength, smarts, your secret serious nature and your ability to really get things done?

I guess, for me, it is better to be undersold than oversold. I can always prove myself. It would be hard to constantly falling short of people's expectations.

Do people make assumptions about you because of your demeanor? Is what they see usually what they get with you? Let me know.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eternal Spring

Summer here is actually eternal spring. Zucchini's are just starting to go crazy, the temperature never gets very high, and flowers are just overflowing your conceptual boundaries of how beautiful flowers should be all of the time. 

I am constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and the promise as well. On my runs I pick figs for snacks and we go outside our front door to snag a sweet bursting handful of blackberries when we need some extra sugar in our lives. 

 These are the zucch's that I picked off my plant this morning. Also I brought in a handful of tomatoes. Plus, my neighbor just moved and hooked me up with his stash of green tomatoes so I made a beautiful and delicious (if I do say so myself) green tomato pie. Things are so plentiful. Feeding ourselves at this house just got so affordable. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear sweet Mamaw,

You are a woman, beautiful in faith and generous of character. Full of contradictions, like all of us, your good heart and loving soul were never hard to see.

While it is hard to come to terms with the grasp of death and the idea not doing things with you anymore - to plant (or weed) for, to cry and to laugh with, to cook for or to be cooked for, to eat with, to gossip about the family with, to walk with, send mail to or even to watch TV with, it is a relief to not have you suffer anymore.

I know that faith guided you along in both life and death and am thankful for that. I know that your love for us has made us better people. And God knows that we will miss you.

"Why cry for a soul set free?" I love you more than words can say.

Friday, July 27, 2012


I read this excerpt from a poem on Tuesday on a bus ride around town. It seems especially fitting now.

From Walt Whitman's What Is the Grass

What do you think has become of the young and old
And what do you think has become of the women and

They are alive and well somewhere,
The smallest sprout shows there is really no death, and
   if ever there was it led forward life, and does not wait at the end to arrest it,
And ceas'd the moment life appear'd.

All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
And to die is different from what any one supposed,
   and luckier.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The garden it grows.

Pretty much every moment of freedom at the house something gets put in or expanded or trimmed and last but not least harvested. Forget cleaning, it's summertime. 

Suddenly there is a hanging planter of thyme and there are two groups of mint plants, three tomato plants (two are recently salvaged and may or may not make it), a rosemary plant, a whole bunch of Thai basil, and a super prolific zucchini squash plant. Mustard greens are coming up, mixed green seeds are in the ground, carrots grow stronger every day. The remaining blackberry bush is producing some delicious fruits. The yard is a mess but a blessing too.

Found some bulbs in a free pile yesterday. Don't know if they're viable but figured it was worth a try. Those are in the ground. A beautiful Hydrangea plant is mine now and I refuse to share. It'll go in the ground soon- maybe Friday evening if not today after my run.   

Here is just a taste of my wealth in zucchini squash. Next to it lie a sliced purple potato and a yukon gold that I got down the street at a farm stand. Here's to making a summer squash torte on Thursday for the boy.

Other things:
Fiona Apple concert on Thursday. Can't wait.

Summer dinner involving the torte, some watermelon, and perhaps a blackberry concoction if we get that ambitious for pre-concert dinner.

Grapes! They're growing in my backyard unbidden.

Poetry and learning to read it.

And, it's back to the work week for me today but the night involves Christmas in July and the day a run. So, I can't even begin to complain.

Nothing but the very best to all of you sweet things.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Camps for Champs: I've said it once and I'll say it again

Yesterday I was on my first non campsite based camping trip and, to date, my favorite camping trip. The last trip I went on was good company and definitely had some perks but this camping trip was just above and beyond.

Firstly, we biked to the park in which we camped, secondly we cooked trout wrapped in fig leaves on the embers of a fire, thirdly, there were barges floating by our shore at all hours of the night, fourthly, such good company. fifth, did I mention we camped on the shore?

The weather was beautiful after raining intermittently all day it cleared up where we were and gave us a pretty sunset and some light to collect firewood by. Delicious snacks were packed and, of course, no pictures were taken. Sorry guys, you're just going to have to imagine. The one downside is: the ground is not comfortable to sleep on. Who knew?

Hope you all are getting some adventures yourself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back in

I'm back in it here at home in Portland. Back to work, back to my garden, back to cleaning the house, back to a sweet boy and unkempt crushes, back to roomies, and cooler weather.

Today, I made a salad from herbs in my garden plus lettuces from my farmshare, I went for a run with my regular running buddy and didn't sweat out all of the fluids in my body. Yesterday, I drank tea with a sweet fellow and walked amongst the eternal springtime of Portland. There are flowers everywhere.

While I was away my garden exploded. My tomato plant doubled in size and my squash isn't too far behind all of that. It is nice to remember how sweet the summer is. Bouquets have been picked and made in houses all over Portland from the sweet bounty of early summer. The next few months is going to be wondrous.

Of course, I miss the east. But finally, the winter here is paying off it's dues.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Richmond: The final hours

I haven't updated you! You know nothing about what is going on in my life! How will you live yet another moment without finding out all the sweet deets?!

I know. Life is a constant challenge. I am tired but here I am plugging away at the ol' blog. Trying to make you people happy.

I miss Portland. There I said it. It's almost true. I am excited for the last day and a half of Richmond before Portland becomes a reality for me again but I miss my roomies, my friends, my plants, the boy I'm super excited about. I miss having a regular bowel movement and my regular running partners too.

Wanting everything is hard. I want 100+ degree weather and crazy humidity and I want the beautiful serene of 80 degree Portland and biking everywhere. I want my friends to all live in the same place and I never want to have to leave my family... BUT I want my space. Quiero hablar espanol but I don't want to have to learn. I am lazy in wanting and filled with desire. What to do, what to do? Enjoy what I've got and work towards obtaining these wants? Deny what I've got and all earthly pleasures? Expand my garden, go for runs, and be a regular, employed member of society (boring but probable).

Since I've been in town, I've spent time with the Grams (shout out Mamaw- I love you dearly), spent time with friends, cooked out, watched fireworks, went on 7 mile runs in near 100 degree weather, ate huge breakfasts, gossiped viciously (well not viciously but with great enthusiasm). Eaten frozen greek yogurt, slept fitfully and attended a wedding.

Still to go are walks along the riverside, a huge brunch as part of a lady date, eating out at a crappy restaurant in the airport with my friends who are flying in as I get ready to fly out. Getting more frozen greek yogurt in my belly, visiting with friends not yet visited with, getting a ride from a cousin I haven't had a chance to speak with and little morning time with my parents. This is an ideal world.

Adios Chiquitos.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't stop

Vacation: a time of relaxation right? Wrong.

Vacation is a time to pack in all of the social and familial obligations that you have missed out on over the past collection of months. You work and you work so you can go on vacation and then you don't stop moving until you're back to work and vacation is over. And then, honestly, you're still moving because you're at work. It's an interesting structure. Both fulfilling and depleting. When you're not on vacation you miss the feeling of the break: seeing old friends, spending time with family, visiting new places. When you are on vacation you miss all of your new friends, the people you've just started dating, and the regularity of your everyday life. Everywhere you go, you are winning and losing, giving and taking, stopping and starting.

All that I'm saying is, that I'm tired and I'm not sure when that is going to go away. Maybe that's what the actual act of traveling is for. Sleeping. Sleeping on planes is my specialty anyways so I might as well embrace it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventure time

I have been hanging out with a bunch of adventurers. We've gone on adventure runs where we ended up sliding down steep embankments to get to roads and finding secret parks and happening upon beautiful rose gardens.
We've gone to parties where we danced all day and then walked across the city stopping only for peanut butter and jelly fries.
We've caught cherries that were impromptu picked from up high and thrown into waiting baskets (made of t-shirts being worn).

Work has been plentiful but oh, there is so much time in a day. Yesterday I visited the Rhododendron garden and stopped by a vietnamese sandwhich spot and ate green tea and red bean cake. It is good to be young and full of hope and energy.

I hope that you are finding some adventures of your own out there.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty Boy Sundays

I'm almost too tired to write tonight. Already, I've opened the computer three times to update you all on life over here but have closed it again too exhausted to think.... All I can think is sleep. Instead of think I typed sleep a minute ago. Side note: Pretty boy sunday is my favorite new phrase.

This is my 12th day in with one day out of work and I get to go back tomorrow night before my next day off. Well, maybe it'll be slow and I'll get called of. One can hope. Plus, only 5 days of work left until I'm homeward bound.

The Saturday to Sunday connection is especially difficult. Saturday being a day I wake early to run after working until 12 or 12:30 the night before. Then spending all day getting life done, in the best possible fashion, before heading in to work again (yesterday from 4:30pm-12:30am).

I bike home after that business and get up again before 7 in the morning on Sunday (leaving me with a grand total of about 5.5 hours of sleep).

The thing that makes it more traditional and far more difficult is that I lost my cell phone... So, that's been fun.

I'm not complaining.

Working so much has finally put me in the groove of the job. I'm getting quick, efficient. My plates are getting prettier. Things are alright. I've gone on dates with a couple of awesome people one of which I also work with(making work all that much better). I'm totally enchanted by the friends and new characters in my life and I'm making that money before I come home. My only complaint is allergies. These things suck.

Allrighty. I'm out. It's a reasonable hour to pass out, finally. . .

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend War

I feel like our kind of weekend war, the family kind, has more than occasionally been against the yard. Well for and against in different ways. And since I really have no weekend and in fact have only one day off in the next week before I dive right back into my work week again, every morning is my weekend. And I wage my fight against the yard a lot.

In some ways our yard is out of control. We are without a working lawnmower and our grass is, almost, intentionally wild looking. Aphids consumed one of my dear tomato plants. But it is also a constant work in progress. today I released over a thousand ladybugs into the yard and garden to combat the aphid issue and I thinned my carrot plants
little tiny carrot plants

I like working nights. I am really productive throughout the day. I've never been about mornings anyways. Well, it's been a long time at least. I think the last time I was excited about waking up early I may have been 11 and there may have been cartoons involved. Also, it may have been Saturday. Shout out: Saturday morning cartoons

I hope you all are getting it done. With or without a weekend. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday (AKA Caterday).

I suddenly seem to have Saturday free. How exciting! What to do? What to do?

Sauvie Island (the sweet little farming island just north of Portland) has some you-pick farms. Since, I've been hearing about the joys of you-pick from so many sources and have been inundated with pictures of pies, you know what I want to do if I am, indeed, free. Perhaps, I'll make a date of it and get one of my many suitors to come with me. Or maybe it'll be straight roomie fun.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I may have to work.... but if I don't...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last night: Midnight mystery ride. Bike prom. Don't know what I did but got hit on by a lot of skeezers. Deflected them with an unceremonious and somewhat emasculating rhetoric. What can I say? I get mean when pushed too hard. You gotta be gentle with me. I'm a princess.

Tonight is the world famous World Naked Bike Ride. Gonna be a lotta nakies out there. Bicyclist are fragile and there's nothing like them riding around in mostly skin and bones to really send that point home to motorist. There is no hard shell protecting these organs.

Tomorrow is work but then a date!! "Milkshakes" and a show. It's going to be a tired day. More work on Monday (get money), but I should find a time to train-First training run of the potential Portland Marathon.

Don't point out that I'm afraid of failure.
Tell me I'm crazy and I'll prove you wrong.

Tuesday I have a brief respite. Just a going away party. A show if I can squeeze it in. Wednesday, train and work. Thursday, train and work. Friday Work, and work. Saturday, long run!! And work. Sunday working again. Did I already flash them dollar signs at y'all. $$$$$$$

Monday, I've got a friend date.
Fancy drinks, fancy food.
The beginning of a long anticipated two day weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much, so much

So much to do so little time.
Why do we need to sleep?
Life is full of excitement from starting to train (really pretrain this week, start next week), to getting back to collaging. Shut up blogger, collaging is a word.

I can't sleep at night.

I meet new people. Potentially romantic people, I like my job. I might run a marathon. I, I, I. What about you?

There are new friends to be had and new perspectives to see. There are places to visit for the first time or as a homecoming. I miss you east coast. I miss you bad. But... Portland, might finally be claiming me.

This is the year of eternal spring. Summer starts next week but spring isn't giving up so easily. Spring from the beginning of March to at least the end of June. What happened to winter? Where is the summer going to fit in to all of this? What about tomatoes? Trying to keep the aphids off of my tomato plants. Don't know what will work. The cold of spring killed my ladybugs. Any ideas?

I can't roll this all up neatly. There is no wrapping. I'll see you when I see you and until that time there will be blog updates.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Date much?

I worked so much this week (or so it felt like). It really shouldn't have been more than usual but somehow it felt like so much. However, on Wednesday, I did get cut early and made an impromptu date with a boy that I met on the train out here. We've been trying to hang out but it didn't work until then. We just met up for a drink and hot dogs. Nothing crazy.

Another however! I met someone else on the bus on the way home from work that day. We ended up hitting it off, hanging out for a gross lemonade and some weird tea before my impromptu but somewhat scheduled date with train guy.

Can you say dates?! Me and bus guy hung out again on Friday for long walk, dinner and some serious talking. We talked for hours. I hope it wasn't just me... Sometimes it is. I stayed up so late! Still, sleep deprived I made it through a late night of work and a Sunday morning brunch shift of work as well.

Hallelujah for Mondays which are my Saturdays. I needed to sleep in. Today, I went for a run with my running buddy and am generally getting exciting about training for longer distances. My good friend, Natalie, wants me to run the Portland Marathon with her. I'm skeptical but at the same time: excited. Think I can do it?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ride Home

Here's a quick documentation of my ride home. Pretty scenery, and an eclipse upon arriving home.

The weird deserted hotel from across the street  of my bus stop




 getting into Portland

Reflection of the eclipse

Seattle: part two.

So, let's just sum some of this trip up.

Part two: after my first update I went on a little more exploring. Saw some more neon signs, stumbled upon some gum-walled alleys, wondered my way through a shopping district of some sort with a cool public art area of blue trees and weird figures. 

The next day, upon awaking and after a little phone conversation with family members, I went back into the world, touring it up at Theo's Chocolate Inc where (watch out) I found out that chocolate over 70% cocoa is considered a health food! Get it! Also, I found out how chocolate is made and that I like chocolate nibs that most people find disagreeable. On my way back towards the Bolt bus (which I highly recommend taking) I saw the space needle. 

Overall, I toured it up and with the exception of an expensive yet low quality dinner the first night the whole experience was very affordable. 

Let's do a quick price breakdown:
$20 round trip bus ride to and from Seattle 
$26 hostel stay (the hostel's of Seattle are not the cheapest)
$2.50 in bus fair to get around
$6 for the chocolate tour
$6 burrito for lunch 
$free breakfast
$free water
$(stupid 19) dinner I bought a lot of food 'cause I was starving before I learned that the food sucked. 

79.50 (coulda been a bit less if not for that stupid meal) But, I didn't skimp on meals in general. If I had wanted to go cheaper I could have packed food. The hostel was nice and clean. 

I went to have fun and I did.

The view from my hostel

 A kinetic sculpture

 A moment of sunlight at the end of an otherwise dreary day in Seattle

 More  "neon"

What was I saying? So much neon.

 Stumbled unto this gum alley

 Several yards of  gum walls

 Gum window

Displays of love in "ABC" gum 

 Kiki Smith-esq sculptures

In a grove of blue trees 

 fire hydrant of Seattle

 Garish signs galore

 Went on a chocolate factory tour.

 Funnel for chocolate nibs

 Space Needle!
(yeah I'm a tourist)

Flowers I brought back to Portland

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day one of the Adventure

Surprise, surprise, I didn't take any pictures from the road.

But, no worries little people, I redoubled my efforts upon arriving in Seattle.

Here you have what I had:

building that looked cooler in real life (dagnabit my lack of camera mastery). 

 part of a underwater scene mural

Another part of that mural 

Some of the street signs are on the corners in the ground 

 Another example (and a glimpse of my new shoes)

First picture from Pike Place Market. The first of many "neon" sign viewings.  

 Shellfish at the market

 Lil' clams

 Flowers at the market

 I'm tellin' you. They love neon in this town

 Or garish signs at least

 My pants and my shoes on "vacation"

 This is when I was figuring out if you could take pictures through view finders.

Down at the dock some detritus and a ship  

Some neat column sculptures 

 Another in the series of "columns"

Mural at the hostel