Monday, December 10, 2012


It's photo time!! The new camera is in action. Here is what we have

Jars, on jars, on jars. We've got 2 kinds of Kimchi, sauerkraut, persimmon butter and bulbs!!

This is a close up and maybe my best picture so far.  

Here are two little guys I've got growing. Someday, they'll flower 

A postcard that I sent to a friend in China (fingers crossed that it makes it) 

postcard that I sent to a friend in New Orleans

Besides hiding from the cold in my sleeping bag and working, this is mostly what I've been up too. Also, writing down a story to possibly tell at a storytelling night this Thursday (if I can get over my brutally handicapping stage fright). Getting some inside plants started, harvesting the last of my tomatoes, and cooking awesome meals. Check out this one that I made here

Winter is coming. And, we'll have some delicious stuff to show for it. Next Sunday's crafternoon gathering will lead to grain alcohol infusions. I'm thinking basil vodka for bloody marys. It's gift making season!