Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Empire Builder

Cliff in the Columbia river

Mount Hood

Sunrise on the last morning
The Columbia river
Mountains in Montana

The sun on the mountains

Mid America

Wolf Point train station

Note from my train neighbor



North Dakota maybe

Middle of the United States

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Layover in Chicago

coming into Chicago on the train
The sunrise in Indiana this morning
West VA yesterday afternoon
sandwich with yellow squash slices on the side that I made on the train.
view of Chicago from a little sitting park that I sat in for a couple of minutes to talk to Mamaw.

I'm currently on layover in Chicago. At least I think it's called layover. I'm waiting for my next train right now anyways. I've ventured a couple of blocks into Chicago and think that it seems like a very beautiful city. (Kathryn I totally back your Chicago decision from what I've seen). I'm hanging out in a Panera and I'm trying to give you all a quick update before running back to the wireless train.

Sorry this post is so rushed. Hope you all feel much informed.

Going West!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Day in RVA

It's hard to know what to do. There's so much left to accomplish. I can't believe this is my last day here. I've been preparing for so long and I still don't feel like I'm ready. Some good things that have happened though are:
1) My sister has a friend who is house sitting in Portland for pretty much a week after I get there and I'm probably going to be able to cancel my hostel reservation and stay with him when I finish living with my couch surfing host.

2) I got to see the new Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that I'd been waiting 5 years to see, before leaving.

3) I got in some quality time with two of my favorite couples Christine and Daniel and Krista and Adam.

4) I had the best date day with Zachary yesterday.

If I can get WiFi on the train I'll update from there if not it will probably be until the 11th, which is Portland, that you hear from me again.