Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sickness: PG13: for graphic content.

My house is riddled with disease ridden people.

To start with, you've got me and my yeast problems which seems to be settling down a bit but I'm sticking to a kind of crazy diet for a while- trying to totally eradicate this stuff.

But then you kick it up to a little cold that my roomie, Sean has, and that my body is definitely working to fight off right now with lots of sleep. I've been hitting the sack at about 8:30 for the past few nights.

After that our household goes another step into the illness because 3 days ago my next door roomie developed a gross abscess which we looked at for a couple of days before his body convinced him it was time to see a doctor (the plight of the uninsured) and was diagnosed as probably having a staph infection today. I went to the doctor with him and they don't know for sure but will probably know pretty soon what it definitively is.

And then worst of all: The roommate that lives in the basement (who is quite the recluse, thankfully) was just sick for two weeks before he learned that he had scabies. If you don't know what that is, don't look it up. It's gross and highly contagious. It makes me glad that he never hangs around upstairs and talks or hangs out with us because I really, really, really, don't want to get scabies.

There you have it. Our house is like a testing center for biological warfare. Four out of the Six people that share my space have individual physical maladies. One of the two currently safe roomies lives on a bus, next door. At the end of the day, I just don't want anyone to die (or for myself to get scabies, because that would be awful).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

long time no post

Can anyone tell me what my little sister is doing going to CA? I for one have had no news to talk about until today (hence the long pause in posts) but somehow Katelyn, the aforementioned little sister, has made plans to hit up CA and I didn't even know about it.

You people need to keep in touch with me. I've spent the last couple of days making carrot juice at my neighbor's house and you've spent it doing god knows what. No one ever tells me anything. Also, that carrot juice did turn out delicious. I'm trying a kind of crazy diet right now to stop the pattern of reoccurring yeast infections that I've been getting (sorry, TMI I know, but it's a big part of my life right now) and you guys are climbing mountains, training for half marathons, taming lions, etc etc... I feel so cut off.

Alls I'm saying is "call a sister from time to time and tell her what you're up to".