Monday, June 11, 2012

Date much?

I worked so much this week (or so it felt like). It really shouldn't have been more than usual but somehow it felt like so much. However, on Wednesday, I did get cut early and made an impromptu date with a boy that I met on the train out here. We've been trying to hang out but it didn't work until then. We just met up for a drink and hot dogs. Nothing crazy.

Another however! I met someone else on the bus on the way home from work that day. We ended up hitting it off, hanging out for a gross lemonade and some weird tea before my impromptu but somewhat scheduled date with train guy.

Can you say dates?! Me and bus guy hung out again on Friday for long walk, dinner and some serious talking. We talked for hours. I hope it wasn't just me... Sometimes it is. I stayed up so late! Still, sleep deprived I made it through a late night of work and a Sunday morning brunch shift of work as well.

Hallelujah for Mondays which are my Saturdays. I needed to sleep in. Today, I went for a run with my running buddy and am generally getting exciting about training for longer distances. My good friend, Natalie, wants me to run the Portland Marathon with her. I'm skeptical but at the same time: excited. Think I can do it?



  1. Heck yeah you can do it!! Run the shit out of that marathon!!!!

  2. Dan! Thank you for your support. I am still skeptical but so excited about training that I will at least train up to a half distance and see how I feel.