Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quittin' Time

I'm leaving my job. It's hard to say how long I've wanted to leave this job. It's been a long love-hate relationship with the ol' Slappy Cakes. From an underemployed start as a weekend hostess to the rush of summer work as a server back to sometimes hosting and then over to infrequent serving shifts in the winter, Slappy Cakes (or Slappy Jacks as my dad likes to accidentally call it) has been a crazy ride of strange work scheduling.

Most of the love I have for the place is because my coworkers are awesome. I will miss them so much. However, much of the hate come from the fact that Slappy Cakes is owned by a couple of people I would  kindly characterize as horrible people. Inconsistent and bad owners at best.

Despite or because of this, I am leaving after a year and a quarter of semi consistent employment. What did I learn? I don't know for sure. maybe that I don't want to be in food service any more or maybe that I want to work for owners that care about their workers.

Also, I've got more important places to be right now than working at a silly, over-hyped, kids restaurant. I hope everyone else that works there gets out soon too. That place can turn into a black hole of despair in the wintertime and I don't want anyone else to suffer through it for much longer.

All the best.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Grinchin' it.

Am I a Grinch? Everyone here makes me feel as though I am as soon as the topic of snow arises.

The thing is, I don't love snow. Am I wrong or is snow cold, wet, and hard thing in which to travel? When snow sits around it gets a hard crispy layer on top that cuts your ankles when you are going on a run. When it's fresh it's almost impossible to ride a bike to work. When it's old, it gets fouled and turns into hard brown bunches. Slick ice hides right next to the whitest pile of snow and dogs love to pee in the stuff (that may be more on the dogs than the snow).

The only time when snow is acceptable is in that first 12 hours after snowfall starts - when, you don't have to be anywhere and you can just watch the world change into it's alternative self for a while. Then, I'll give it to you, snow is beautiful and ethereal. It changes everything from the hard and dark of winter to a soft and white otherness. It quiets the sounds and gives the world cold clean scent. The smell of snow.

I guess maybe i need to stop taking such a hardlined stance against snow when it comes up in conversation. The people here are easily entranced. When it snows nearly an inch they are excited, scraping together snow leavings in order to make muddy, brown "snow"men. They gasp at the magical effects and maybe they're right. The snow rarely lasts longer than the 12 magical hours that my patience allows anyways. But, I am still not in love. Give me falling leaves and burnished autumn colors any day and I will be happier than any amount of snow and hot coco can make me.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I've always been a big supporter of the United States Postal Service, as we all should be.

From starting off as the Pony Express, to it's, likely, near end as a slightly more affordable mail service than it's competitors. The USPS has always been the postal delivery service for me. To be fair, I wasn't around during the heyday of the Pony Express. However, I imagine it to have been quite an invigorating event to have mail arrive for you by the hands of a horse riding and (most likely) handsome traveler. 

The USPS never forces you to travel a minimum of 30 mins to get a package that they refused to deliver to you because your doorbell doesn't work. They always have keys to your apartment building where they can leave you packages in the relative safety of your apartment hallway. The USPS has a federal law against other people opening things for you (Can UPS say that? Can Fed Ex say that?). The USPS has specialty stamps and  a generally predictable arrival time. 

If you ask me the Unites States Postal Service is worth saving. So, send more letters. Send some postcards. If you're not sure who to send them to, send them to me. I promise to do the same. As a wise woman once said to me, "Sending people mail is a really cheap way to make them happy". Keep that in mind when you're grumbling about the tiny price increase. And stick with it. 

The USPS didn't fail you when you had a pen pall in the 4th grade. You failed yourself when your forgot to send that pen pall mail. Don't take it out on the innocent. Send me mail.

All the best,