Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flowers (again I know)

Don't worry, I'm not going to inundate you with flower pictures as is my usual desire.

I just realized that about 80% of the photos I take are of flowers (cell phone and camera both).. Is that normal? Is that me embracing my inner girly-girl without even knowing it?

I mean, in all fairness, everyone loves flowers-not just girly-girls. I find the idea that women appreciate flowers more than men hard to get behind. Because seriously, go outside and look at a flower and tell me that one gender likes them more than the other. It just doesn't make sense. 

Alongside the coming of fragrant blossoms, I am also appreciative of the arrival of my brother Jon-Mike. It is obviously a great joy for Mamaw to have him visiting and I am pretty happy myself having him around. I look forward to a time when I can see more of my family too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flower Power

Mamaw's yard is full of these beautiful flowers. They are so plentiful that even picking three vases full and then a tiny vase did not even make a dent in her yard display. Here they are so you can enjoy them too.

Doctor, Doctor.

Let me tell you now, this post has nothing to do with doctors.

Tuesday of last week Mamaw had chemotherapy. Nurses took her blood work, gave her shots to boost her white and red blood cell count, fortified her with Magnesium, and hooked up the chemo to drip deep into her veins (with the intention of killing off all of those fast growing cancer cells-but with some adverse effects of killing all of her fast growing cells).

Thursday of that week we went in to get an infusion for her- Just fluids. Nurses tested her to see if she needed anything besides fluids, they made her comfortable with pillows and blankets and generally kept us informed on what was going on.

Monday of this week, we went in for an impromptu infusion (the weekend had been hard and bodily resources were low). The nurses hooked Mamaw up for Magnesium and fluids. There were no doctors in sight.

Today, Tuesday, We went for our scheduled infusion. The nurses communicated with other nurses, they gave my grandma fluids and they did us the courtesy of scheduling yet another infusion that we know we will need.

It turns out, in the world of cancer, doctors have a uselessly busy schedule and never actually do anything for their patients. I am thankful for the care of nurses. I am thankful for their knowledge on the subjects, their ability to share that knowledge and most of all their ability to do. I appreciate everyone who considers becoming a nurse, as well as all of the nurses out there.

Shout out to my older brother who is going to be a nurse. Also, a loud shout out to my aunt, Melissa, who helped Mamaw and I through a rough couple of days and a shout out to my dad for being around and able bodied when we needed someone who can lift.

Hopefully most of you are seeing far less nurses than I am these days but to those of you in my nearby (AKA Virginia) family, I know you're seeing just about as many and I am glad we are in this together.