Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free day: AKA sweat pants and cookies

Today I made Risotto as well as peanut butter cookies with cinnamon and nutmeg.

These cookies almost turned out disastrously because I almost forgot to put peanut butter in them #absentmindedbaking! But luckily they didn't go without peanut butter and they do, indeed, taste delicious.

Look at them! Don't they look delicious?!

Thursday, easy day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Jacket, Short Sleeves

I'm sitting outside in the sun talking to a friend via gchat. I'm not wearing a jacket, I'm wearing a lightweight short sleeve shirt. And I am happy. Did you know that all it takes to make me happy is sunshine? I'm tying to move south after this :).

It doesn't hurt that I trained to serve today so I'm getting ready to start making some money. But, I think most of what's doing it is that I'm sitting in the sun.

Other things I'm looking forward to are: My afternoon bike ride for cross training, A visit in the near future from my brother and his wife, cheap drinks tonight with my friend Marika.

Tomorrow is another day of training and then I've got a day off before the weekend starts on Friday morning with work. It's nice to have a five day work week too.

In general this day is just something I'm enjoying. If I had to summarize this post. It would go like this

Things that I'm happy about right now:
1: sunshine
2: no jacket, no hat, no gloves
3: future visits
4: friend time
5: prospective money
6: internet conversations with friends
7: five day work week
8: the warmth on the back of my neck which comes from sunshine.