Friday, April 20, 2012

Himalayan blackberry: a battle and the war

Today, I fought my first battle (since I got back that is) against the invasive Himalayan blackberry plants in our back yard. The stuff is growing like a 'roided out  Chia pet with vicious thorns and a STRONG will to live. I spend about 2 hours fighting the good fight but am nowhere near a cleared out yard. Blackberries, you may have won the battle but trust me. I'm gonna win the war. Trust Me. Here are some pictures for y'all's enjoyment.

The plants that I pulled up (I didn't want them to root down again so I put them on the table).

 The space that I cleared!!

An example of what that space looked like and some of what's to come. 

So, I've got a lot of work cut out for me, but taking out these blackberry plants will let better things grow (these plants don't really produce good fruits because they block themselves out). I'm sure it will be a continual fight as the roots try to sneak up new, evil, baby plants for years to come. But the first step is taken. Welcome to my yard better plants. Welcome in. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home, sweet, spring, home Again

I arrived in Portland yesterday afternoon. Starving and dirty, I was whisked away by my generous and driving friend, Dan to visit the good people of the Habitat for Humanity Restore-which made me feel like I belonged somewhere for sure.

I'll back up a minute and say the moment that I walked into the train station in Portland I was greeted by my friend, and former coworker, Nick, which really, really, made me feel loved and welcome back. I am lucky to have amassed a few people that are willing to go out of their way simply to greet me or who will take time out of their busy schedules, when I come back into town, to grab a drink and be a little silly with me.

Yesterday, I fixed up my bike and bought some potting soil.

Today, I planted the tomato plant that was gifted to me by my friend, Rachael and some baby basil seeds(because everyone knows that basil is meant to be had with tomatoes). I bought my first batch of groceries and went to my first prepaid, yoga class of the month. I walked around and explored the spring with friend Natalie reaffirming the realization that Portland is, truly, a beautiful city.

I'm about to miss the East Coast and all of the good people of the East but I am determined to take advantage of all the freedom  and opportunities that Portland (and current unemployment) allot me. Next up: Bagby Hot Springs.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting back attchya from Chicago

Allright, here's to posting to you all from Chicago again.
Every time that I'm here, I'm pretty sure you get a post from me. You can thank Amtrak's ridiculously long layovers for that. Still I'm thankful to get off the train and find a comfortable place to relieve myself as well as to update you on my life as of late.

Here it is. Last week Delaware and a couple of walks through springtime

Jack in the Pulpit. bitter and peppery unless cooked I believe.

This past weekend New York, NY and the visiting of some very intense museums.

pretty sure I take this picture everytime I'm in the American Museum of Natural History. You can't deny that it's Tight. Giant squid fighting whale (Whatup?!).

Even though, everything in the Financial district of Chicago (which is at least where I assume I am) is closed on Sundays except for some random tea shop, the area is still convincingly city-like and for that impressive. 

I'd love to come to the real city (not just the tall business buildings part) some day with a real Chicago friend. Shout out Natalie who will someday lead me around the streets of Chicago. Also, shout outs to my Mom and Dad who hooked it up in NY from getting us a hotel to stay in with their mysterious hotel points and finding tickets to my first Broadway show, to helping me carry my huge load of stuff to the train station on Saturday. You guys are awesome.