Thursday, December 29, 2011


The past few days have been a baked goods bonanza. On Christmas, Katelyn and I made about 5 dozen cookies. Later in the evening my roomie, Travis, came home bearing two pies, enough cookies to feed my mom (who has a major sweet tooth) for days, and some delicious breads (chocolate chip, pumpkin bread anyone?).

Tonight Katelyn and I decided to follow all of those baked treats up with... wait for it... even more baked goods!! So, we took it upon ourselves to bring the household some home made soft pretzels.

I know, I know, you're impressed. But, don't look at us as heroes. Look at us as role models for yourselves and your children. Here's some photo documentation for your enjoyment.

 Pretzel's fresh out of the oven

The first bite (on camera that is) 

Look at the joy these fat little pretzels bring into our lives

As my computer is dying, that's all for now folks.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Into the Wild and other Christmas Adventures

Katelyn and I spent Christmas morning hiking at a spot called Angel's Rest. Much of the time, we were wondering about what in the world we were doing outside, in the rain on Christmas day.Some of the photos may reflect that.

Katelyn, unsure about the babbling brook. 

 Me "why are we doing this"

 Katelyn's finally coming around to the hike (in the background is the beautiful Colombia River)

 A beautiful tree burnt in a past year's forest fire

 A little gnomey doll we found on a tree.

 At the peak of our hike

 There was a lot of fog but we know the view would have been spectacular

Bracing against the cold under this tree.

 Frowning at the cold, in front of the void.

A window into the void through these rocks
pictures really can't do it justice

We spent the rest of our day baking labor intensive cookies, making (and eating) curry and coconut rice and watching Christopher Nolan movies with my friend Jon. Making cookies, eating curry and watching movies is my and Jon's new Christmas tradition. We did it last year and hopefully we'll do it in years to come. After Jon left Katelyn gave me some delicious looking canned foods to eat. We got into one of them this morning. 

Canned goodies

To continue our Christmas festivities we will be opening a package we received in the mail today from home.

Hopefully you all are having safe travels and fun times out there over this holiday season.