Friday, November 5, 2010

Benny Bee

The other day my roommate, Nicole, came back from a visit with her family. I was pleasantly surprised when she came home since I had missed her being around. But, I was even more joyously surprised when I realized what she had brought with her.

Yes, she had purchased a half-off bumblebee costume for her little dog, Benny. $5.00 for joy to fill everyone in the household, except for Benny, of course. Look at the serious unhappiness in that dog's eyes.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on one of the cute animals that lives in our house and his costume wearing antics.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunny days.

It's been beautiful here in Portland OR ever since I returned home from Augusta, GA. It's almost as if the city is welcoming me back. The weather has made the neighborhood and surrounding area ripe for our picking. Here are the last few of my days in pictures.

My friend Jonathan and I went Hiking to Mirror Lake.
learning to be outdoorsy

Mt Hood behind Mirror Lake. Beautiful.

A tree we saw on our hike.

A sunflower I saw whilst I was walking around the neighborhood
note how clear and blue the sky is in the background

A tree with some beautiful leaves in my neighborhood

Moss growing on a wall down the street

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Return to Portland

I'm back in Portland. It turns out that it takes forever to fly to and from Portland, OR.

Thankfully, however, my day of travel was broken up by a really great lunch with my parents!! I found out at about 8:00 am that I had layover in Philadelphia on my way back west from Augusta, GA. Upon notifying my dad about my flight itinerary we decided to meet in Philadelphia. Luckily that was my longest layover and I had a few solid hours to spend with them. I'd like to say now. Thanks Mom & Dad for lunch, snacks, and my birthday gift! All are/were greatly appreciated. And seeing you made my day (maybe even my week).

Other than that sweet moment of happiness, most of my travel experience involved me falling asleep with my mouth open on planes and waking up very, very thirsty. Still, eventually, I returned to what is now my home town of Portland, OR and what I found surprised me. The weather was beautiful. I caught the MAX train back into town and from there rode a bus home. All in all, I got the the airport in Augusta, GA at just past 9 in the morning EST and arrived home from the airport in Portland, OR at around 2am EST. It was a long day.