Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pale September

OK so first things first I still love Fiona Apple. But secondly, and no less importantly, fall, the season with all the best colors, the time of changes, the collection of moments when things are the most perfect that they can be, autumn, is HERE.

Let me preface the rest of this post by stating that when I first came to Portland some of the people that where staying at the hostel with me thought it was funny to deceive me and tell me that the leaves probably wouldn't change color here and if that's what I needed than maybe I had moved too soon! LIES!

Fall is here. Fall is here! I've seen the leaves beginning to change colors, I've seen piles of dried leaves on the ground, I've smelled the smell of bonfires. And while it is an uncommonly warm (almost 80 degree) end of September day I know for sure that the real fall is on it's way. Here are some pictures I took as evidence of the beginning of this fair season.
One of the trees in front of my house beginning to turn.

Tree in front of the library where there were also leaves on the ground.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

gainfully employed...or at least getting closer.

Hope springs eternal! Or, at least, hope is renewed.
I have heard back from one of the places at which I applied to work. It would just be a hosting gig and I would need another job seeing as it would probably only be on the weekends but still, there is hope.

I also, applied to be a bank teller which, as my friend Krista reminds me, could be a job that develops into full time+benefits. That would be simply magical. I even had my first phone interview in pursuit of this teller job.

Other than that, I have been settling in to my new abode. I got a library card at my local library which is all of two blocks away. And as a special thing the library was doing for their website I had my picture taken with my new card. Really integrating into the Portland community here.

I am getting used to my new home but still need a dresser or some serious storage space. I may get a real bed in a day or two. We'll see how things go.

Things are on the up and up and all I could ask for now is a little bit of dessert.