Friday, December 10, 2010

Biscuits and books

Recently, I have been making a lot of biscuits. I have a lot of time to spend on making food so I've been making all of my meals and sometimes my bread too. However, I'm too impatient to make a yeast based bread so I've been making biscuits and corn bread. The other day, I bought veggie burgers and then I made an extra large biscuit so that I could use it as a bun. Turned out pretty tasty.

Other than that I've been reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle because a lot of people have been recommending Haruki Murakami to me recently and it is a really, seriously, long book. But, pretty easy to read. It's also pretty surreal.

In other news, I went to a job that was posted on craigslist yesterday and there were at least 30 other people waiting for an interview for the same job as me. It's just a hosting job! I had some good conversations with the other folks who were waiting to interview but the odds aren't really looking like they're in my favor for that one. Oh well, another day, another application.

That's about it. I'll catch you folks on the flip side.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

post to post

OK It looks as though I have been letting things get a little out of hand on not updating the blog recently.

Part of that is because I've been going out and doing things, and part of it is because I have been going out and doing things that aren't very interesting or blog worthy.

I've been hitting the 2nd run movies a lot because they're just a few bucks and usually they make for a good end to the day or when I'm lucky I've been hitting up the independent film theater that my friend Jon volunteers at.What's nice about that is that I get to see films with a friend, Jon, it's free since he's a volunteer there, and I see films I wouldn't usually get to see. But, in the end, what is there to blog about going to see a movie.

I've also been doing a bit of christmas shopping. Nothing more shall be discussed here.

Other things on my list of activities for last week are:
1) online yoga classes - I got a 20 minute class that gets me worked up and streched out but isn't too intimidating of a commitment.
2)Work - I worked two longer shifts this week than usual. Hurray!
3) reading - I just finished Nine Stories by JD Salinger
4) job applications- I've applied for an average of a job a day this week. Not my best week but not my worst either
5) tea time- with my dear friend Jonathan.
6) crossword puzzling - With myself, Jack, Jon and more of myself. Those things are addictive and I am wickedly bad at them.
7) walking- I've spent a lot of time walking around the area, to get outside when it's sunny, to explore, to get from one buss stop to another and then deciding to just walk instead.

there is probably more but I think you get the idea that my life has not been full of exciting adventures as of late so I haven't had much to blog to you all about.

Hope everyone's day is going well. Here's wishing for adventures to come!
Me right before a night time bike ride the other night. It gets dark so early!