Saturday, October 6, 2012

Portland road running

Marathon tomorrow.
I am super excited to eat donuts after this son of a gun is over. I bought new shoes but am wearing my old.
Wish me luck or at least a speedy enough recovery that I can run the Columbia Gorge Marathon in 3 weeks too.

Best of the best to ya,

Monday, October 1, 2012


Chestnuts, I hear you can roast those bad boys over an open fire.

Turns out, a lot of chestnut trees spring up this time of year around Portland, dropping their meaty little packages all over the roads and sidewalks. It is a gleaner's paradise. Gathering them, has become a near daily activity for me as it is hard to pass up any free resource that will otherwise go to waste (or equally as bad. go to squirrels).

Me hopping off the bike and stuffing my little stretch pockets full of chestnuts almost seems natural until a passerby has to delicately swerve around my nut focused presence on the sidewalk. Then, I remember, it looks kinda weird to be picking food up off of the street. Oh well, winter is nigh and someone wants to be prepared for a open fire.