Friday, August 19, 2011

Taking it easy

So, this past week has been full of helping my friend Kristopher move out of his house and become, temporarily homeless. I wanted to take before and after pictures of his house but I forgot to bring my camera over. Moving is always such a huge transition from start to finish and I would have loved to show off my handiwork. Oh well.
An appropriately summery bonus I got out of helping Kristopher out with the move is a brand new ice cream maker that no one in their house knew what to do with. I really get to enjoy summer now as I have the day off and a container full of homemade, watermelon sobet in my freezer. My household also got a kitchen rug and a loner chair out of the move.

The container and my bowl of summery deliciousness

Watermelon Sobet

Since my buddy is temporarily displaced he's been staying at our house for the past few days. Usually, this would be a problem because he has a puppy and I'm not much of a dog person but, she is officially the best dog ever. I have never had so many positive interactions with a dog. I might be falling in love. Today we went for a little run, which is something I've slacked on hard this week with all the moving help and chillin' time that I've been getting. Now she's lounging next to me as I cobble together this post outside (on a perfect, sunny and 72° day).

This is my new best friend Lucy

She's super, super cute.

Yet another thing I'm doing (with pictures too) as I enjoy the beautiful summer air outside is checking on my tomatoes. They're really coming along. I think today I counted 9 tomatoes on the plant but only one of them is getting red so far.

A bunch of green tomatoes

A peak at a red one.

I realize that it has been a serious while since the blog was last updated but please, friendly readers, don't be upset. I found my camera charger which means this and subsequent posts will be loaded with delicious summer pictures with which I hope to appease you.