Sunday, April 1, 2012

Excitement Galore!

This has been an very happening couple of days. 

We've been testing out (and failing) a new home care helper this week. That's someone who basically does what I do with my grandma - cooks, cleans, administers meds. We need someone pretty chill to hang out with Mamaw every day for a solid chunk of time. 

This weekend Mamaw and I started with a trip to the spa on Friday (I went grocery shopping she got a massage), continued with a visit from my Mom, Dad, and my little brother on Saturday, and got real wild with a big birthday celebration for her today (Sunday). 

Besides that, my older sister was visiting this week too. So, things were pretty crazy overall.

Coconut cake with 82 candles.  

 Me and my older sister 

 My cousin, Luke, with some sweet flowers

Mamaw and cousin Mika with a four leaf clover

Tomorrow, we try out a new homecare assistant and we rest. It's gonna be good. All the best.