Saturday, April 30, 2011

back on track

Saturday update! What?! What?! Getting back on track.

All right, here's the scoop. I've been watching this show called Firefly on Netflix and reading East of Eden in my free time. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I haven't had so very much of that free time recently (although I've still managed to blaze my way at a pretty healthy rate through both of those pass times). The reason why I've been so busy is 5 days of work a week and one at the restore as well as some much appreciated visiting time, some much needed runs, and the regular chores.

What I've been coming up against from working and running are some pretty unfun shin splints. I'm working on helping my legs out against those by wearing some insoles. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm training for a race in July and am not trying to get behind on that. Also, I don't think they're really from running as they got much worse in the past week when I was standing on the hard floors at work so much more than usual.

Outside of that I had been waiting on a 2nd job to start but I decided not to take it since I'm working so much at this job and have a guaranteed 4 day work week as well as two consecutive days off for my "weekend" which is not something I'm trying to pass up.

My calendar for the week to come is spotted with work. Monday: serving. Tuesday: work meeting. Wednesday: off. Thursday: serving. Friday: busing. Saturday: serving. Sunday:hosting. Notice- only one of those days is a hosting shift. It's going to be a good week for me!

Any other updates you should know about... Oh yes! Another friend is planning to visit me. It's not for a long time and it's not 100% for certain but I'm feeling pretty excited to have so many people coming to visit me (or at least wanting to) as of late. AND! it was a beautiful day today which made biking to two different grocery stores nothing but a pleasure.

Hope y'all's weekend is heading in the right direction.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday's update... one day late

Hey all,

Sorry about the lateness of my updates this week. The problem is that once I'm thrown off schedule at all I'm a mess trying to get back on one.

This week's been great It started off with a bang working through the weekend and a passover/easter dinner on Sunday. Jon-Mike and Jackie got here on Saturday night so they got to come to dinner at my friend Natalie's house. Monday was more work and some running and my roomie Sean took the family to his climbing gym with him, Tuesday consisted of volunteering ( a good day for Jon-Mike and Jackie to explore the city on their own), and then some cheap brews and tasty delights at East Burn (the place we go for $2 tap beers on Tuesdays). Wednesday was my day off so extra sleep was had and cookies were made- and then promptly devoured and running was done. Thursday my second shift serving and Jon-Mike and Jackie's last day here. I got back from work and hung out with the family for a couple of hours before the two honeymooners continued on their adventure. Friday, today, I hosted but just for a little bit before heading back home to chill out for a bit before my evening run which I am looking forward to. Tomorrow and Sunday bring more hosting and then Monday starts me off with another serving shift. Work is plentiful and spring time is heading in our direction.

Hope you all are staying busy in an equally delightful way and are greatly enjoying the weather from where you read.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a whole lot

Last time I updated I felt like I had nothing to tell you and this time I feel like I have so much to share.

As you may know, last week I trained as a server. Monday was my first serving shift and Thursday is my second. The exciting thing that I learned at my first shift is that I'm going to serve the weekend after next. What that means from a monetary viewpoint is that I'll be earning at least twice as much that weekend than I usually do in just tips add that to my base of minimum wage and I'm going to be sitting pretty.

That's big news for me but still kind of boring. What's exciting right now is that Jon-Mike and Jackie are in town and staying at my house. That means I get a whole lot of hang out time with them (some of it we're sleeping but what can you do?) which is awesome. I'm so happy to have them here with me. I only wish that I could be a slightly better tour guide for the beautiful city of Portland. Since I've been working or volunteering every day that they've been here I have fallen a little short on that front.

Tonight we're going out to get some cheap brews and I'm looking forward to actually taking them out on the town.

Hope you all are having a great week so far too.