Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Held up

It's been a while since a blog update. I've been hanging out with that boy, Nick, some, starting my first day of work, and hanging out in parks.

1. I really enjoy dating this one and we flew a remote control airplane on a date the other day.
2. It seems like the people I'm going to be working with are really cool and I can wear whatever jewelry I want (good because I have a nose ring in right now).
3. The weather's getting nice!

1. That boy is leaving Portland in October anyways (there's no one out here for me).
2. Work is a pretty long commute from my house. About a 40 minute bus or bike ride.
3. There's no downside to nice weather.

What to do? Enjoy things while they last? Take some chances? Get really strong from biking at least one leg of my work journey every day? I don't know. Those all sound like decent options actually. Sorry, I've been held up from posting by life. I actually don't know what to write about to y'all right now. Hope this will tide you over.