Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canyons and other adventures

Hey! Hey! Pictures. Yep, I've got something special for you.

Yesterday Katelyn and I went to an awesome canyon while Stephanie was at work. Yay to visiting sisters who live in awesome places!

Then last night, after the work day was over, we all headed over to Aspen to meet with Stephanie's friend Jenny, eat an overpriced dinner, and watch a kinda strange show. Sorry, I don't have pictures from the show. I forgot to bring my camera there. But, here's the canyon
Black Rock Canyon (see that little river down there?!)

Some of the high peaks inside the canyon which was crazy deep

Rocks, bush, and the sky at the top

Lichen on the rocks at the canyon
Stay tuned for more great pictures. It's vacation baby!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Staying up all night and going to Colorado

Last night, I didn't come home to make my blog post. I stayed out all night at my friend Natalie's house since we were busy keeping her boyfriend awake for his super early flight to Miami this morning. Tonight looks like it's shaping up to be almost exactly the same situation but instead of keeping Alex awake, we're keeping me awake and instead of flying to Miami I'll be flying to CO for some quality family time.

I can't wait for some sweet, sweet vacation. I'll see most of you all very soon.

All the best.