Saturday, October 29, 2011

so what?!

Yeah... So, I'm sitting around in my living room wearing, big turquoise earrings, bright, bright red lipstick, silly-awesome red boots and a big ol' "fur" coat over my regular black shirt and jeans. What?! Are you judging me right now? I wake up early! It's Halloween weekend!

For real, I want to dye my hair black and white but it's 10:30 in the morning and maybe I should try not to get ahead of myself. On the other hand, I think I might already be ahead of myself so maybe I should. hehehehe

Here's a quick picture for your enjoyment
Morning Cruella

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little walk in the sun

Sickity sick is how I would describe my last 5 days. I've been real, real, ill.

However, three and a half days of antibiotics and my energy is back. My, lymph node is no longer incredibly large and covered in some scary looking grey-brown film. I can swallow food without incredible amounts of pain, and water with none. I can walk around my neighborhood and run into my fellow neighborhood mates (some of which are pretty cute). Which is exactly what I just did.

I don't have Strep or Mono and truth be told, no one knows what I have. But, I am on the mend and that's really all that I care about right now. Hurray for modern science! Hurray for healing! Things are on the up and up.

I'd like to make a quick shout out to my dad who was in contact with me from the beginning (convincing me to go to the doctor), Mamaw for checking in with me, my friend Natalie who came and kept me company while I was sick and to my roommates who did much the same. But, out of them, a special thanks to Travis who came and checked in on me when I couldn't leave my room. Also, shout outs to everyone who offered to bring me soup. I truly appreciate having this community of people that care here. It means so much to me.