Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ride Home

Here's a quick documentation of my ride home. Pretty scenery, and an eclipse upon arriving home.

The weird deserted hotel from across the street  of my bus stop




 getting into Portland

Reflection of the eclipse

Seattle: part two.

So, let's just sum some of this trip up.

Part two: after my first update I went on a little more exploring. Saw some more neon signs, stumbled upon some gum-walled alleys, wondered my way through a shopping district of some sort with a cool public art area of blue trees and weird figures. 

The next day, upon awaking and after a little phone conversation with family members, I went back into the world, touring it up at Theo's Chocolate Inc where (watch out) I found out that chocolate over 70% cocoa is considered a health food! Get it! Also, I found out how chocolate is made and that I like chocolate nibs that most people find disagreeable. On my way back towards the Bolt bus (which I highly recommend taking) I saw the space needle. 

Overall, I toured it up and with the exception of an expensive yet low quality dinner the first night the whole experience was very affordable. 

Let's do a quick price breakdown:
$20 round trip bus ride to and from Seattle 
$26 hostel stay (the hostel's of Seattle are not the cheapest)
$2.50 in bus fair to get around
$6 for the chocolate tour
$6 burrito for lunch 
$free breakfast
$free water
$(stupid 19) dinner I bought a lot of food 'cause I was starving before I learned that the food sucked. 

79.50 (coulda been a bit less if not for that stupid meal) But, I didn't skimp on meals in general. If I had wanted to go cheaper I could have packed food. The hostel was nice and clean. 

I went to have fun and I did.

The view from my hostel

 A kinetic sculpture

 A moment of sunlight at the end of an otherwise dreary day in Seattle

 More  "neon"

What was I saying? So much neon.

 Stumbled unto this gum alley

 Several yards of  gum walls

 Gum window

Displays of love in "ABC" gum 

 Kiki Smith-esq sculptures

In a grove of blue trees 

 fire hydrant of Seattle

 Garish signs galore

 Went on a chocolate factory tour.

 Funnel for chocolate nibs

 Space Needle!
(yeah I'm a tourist)

Flowers I brought back to Portland

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day one of the Adventure

Surprise, surprise, I didn't take any pictures from the road.

But, no worries little people, I redoubled my efforts upon arriving in Seattle.

Here you have what I had:

building that looked cooler in real life (dagnabit my lack of camera mastery). 

 part of a underwater scene mural

Another part of that mural 

Some of the street signs are on the corners in the ground 

 Another example (and a glimpse of my new shoes)

First picture from Pike Place Market. The first of many "neon" sign viewings.  

 Shellfish at the market

 Lil' clams

 Flowers at the market

 I'm tellin' you. They love neon in this town

 Or garish signs at least

 My pants and my shoes on "vacation"

 This is when I was figuring out if you could take pictures through view finders.

Down at the dock some detritus and a ship  

Some neat column sculptures 

 Another in the series of "columns"

Mural at the hostel

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pacific North West


I'm going to Seattle. I'm leaving Portland at 12:30pm. I'm getting there around 3:30pm. And I'm leaving the next day at 2pm. I'm super excited. It's about time I got to explore the Pacific NW. Thankfully, the Bolt Bus finally came to the area and started giving cheap rides to Seattle.

On my list are 1) Theo Chocolate because when Katelyn was in Seattle she procured some chocolate from them for yours truly, and it was phenomenal. Shout out Katelyn for getting me awesome things from the places that you go.  2) Pike Place Market. 3) a ferry ride- preferably to Bainbridge Island because I used to live on Bainbridge St.

If you have any last minute suggestions let me know (I know, I know, it's a last minute post). AND! I'll try to take some pictures for you lovely readers.


P.S. I may have canceled friend dinner but some of those dishes are still gonna happen and soon.