Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, it doesn't really matter because I'm not actually working M-F. Actually, maybe I should be sad because I have to go to work tomorrow (but I'm not because it's $$)!!

Still! Friday brings exciting things as I am about to go to Brides against Breast Cancer and help set up dresses and such for an expo.
Also, I get to take the little dog that lives at my house out for a walk beforehand. Obviously, my life is full of crazy thrills.

I'm about to start on my dog walking duties but just wanted to check in and let everyone know things are moving right along in Portland, OR.

I've made a new friend named Dennis. Yesterday he showed me around a popular bike/walk ride on the river. I've also found a donation based yoga/running class only a few blocks from my house so both of those things are exciting.

On the job front, I've been turned down for the bank teller position that I applied to as well as a position to be a seasonal card sales person :(. I heard back from a guest house that they will be hiring in December and that I should keep in touch. And I have heard nothing back about the parking garage work, event planning internship, or the office assistant position that I have applied to. Still, my hopes remain high. I will get a job!

Thanks for checking in and until I have more adventures of which to tell.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting Social (plus crepes)

Look at what I made!! Cheesy Crepes, Sautéed kale, and heirloom tomato slices. Delicious. You can tell by my obsession with food that I am still not totally flourishing on the social front but good news on that note. Things are getting better.

That's right. I'm on my way to no longer lonely. This week I made a serious effort to be proactive about my social situation so.
Monday, I had coffee with a potential friend. A friend of my friend Amber (thanks lady for the connection). It was a good meet up. We talked for hours and I think that he was very sympathetic to my social plight.

Tuesday, tonight, I went to a $3 movie with my friend Cory. He just moved here too and stayed in the Hostel with me. So, we're kind of in the same situation.

Wednesday, tomorrow night, I have no plans.

Thursday night I'm going to go to a track where the Oregon Road Runners Club has people meet to do workouts. It will be good to meet some other runners.

Friday I'm volunteer setting up wedding dresses for a program called Brides against Breast Cancer. It is only a couple hours but it will take me to a totally new part of town and that will be exciting. Plus, I'll get to meet some fellow volunteers and hang up pretty wedding dresses. What could be bad about that?

Saturday and Sunday I work and will be in contact with other employees of the restaurant at which I now work.

This adventure is becoming less lonesome bit by little bit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lonesome Baker

Lately, I have not been occupied with having a job or friends. And not having a job, I have not had the money to spare on fun things outside of the home (nor do I have friends to do those fun things with). And I have been baking a lot to occupy my time.
Little did I know, before moving to Portland, how depressing it is to make enough rolls or cookies to feed 8 people happily and then having to eat them all yourself because you don't have any friends. That was a lesson I soon found out.

Luckily, now I have a job and while it's only a weekend job and maybe won't make me a whole lot of money, At least I'll get a chance to make friends. Until then I may try to hold off on the baking.