Friday, October 15, 2010


Going to sleep is now not a miserable, cold way to spend the night and is, instead a pleasure. Why is this?

It is because I recently purchased a bed to the tune of $55. An air mattress was all right for a while but I soon realized that sleeping on air is like sleeping on a bed of icicles. Not comfy. I discovered this inconvenient truth around the 25th of September and now, almost three weeks later, I have reconciled things.

Here are some pictures of my new bed.

My new bed with the fitted sheet and first two flat sheets on it (the fitted sheet came with the bed)

My bed with the fleeces I order when I felt I might freeze to death on my air mattress

My bed fully made up* with Mamaw's quilt at the bottom.

*the situations illustrated in these photographs are unlikely to be found on a day to day basis.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello again

I went to my second of two interviews in two days today.

It was a short interview (as opposed to the hour or longer I've spend at "working interviews" with other potential employers) but I think it went well. Unlike my first interview no inappropriate questions were ask. If you're wondering to yourself, "...hmmm, I wonder what an inappropriate question is?" I've compiled a short list of ones that I was asked at the first job interview.
Questions you shouldn't ask potential employees

1. Do I get sick very often? Am I a relatively healthy person? Would I have to miss work because of illness?
and on a related note.
2. had I been to the hospital frequently in the past?
3. Do I have a history of mental illness?
4. How much do you pay for rent? (In relation to how many hours I was going to need)

There you go. I, actually, believe that it is illegal to ask a future or potential employee all of these questions. Plus, the job is minimum wage plus tips that are shared in between all of the employees of the restaurant. So, not great money. I'm worried that it's the only job I'll get but I still don't want to work there. Am I not desperate enough yet?

Needless to say, I would much prefer the 2nd job since the pay is better ($10/hr plus tip out), the tasks more engaging, and the workspace more professional. Also, they operate off of a set schedule which I love. Of course a barrage of inappropriate questions, not being asked to me was another compelling characteristic.

Outside of the employment chase my life continues to adapt to Portland. My body aches, in a wonderful way, from a running and yoga class I took yesterday (and hope to take every Tuesday if I don't have to work on Tuesdays) and my eyes are dry because I stayed out later than I'm used to hanging out with some new friends (yay!). I explored downtown today as it was beautiful and sunny today and I got down there extra early for my interviews.

That's pretty much all that is new in my life. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what's up with yours.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This just in!!

Rachel Ogburn, recent transplant to Portland, Oregon has just landed two, not just one but two, job interviews in the past 15 minutes.

The story goes like this.

Rachel, was having an unusually slow Monday. Waking up late she had gone to the library and to the grocery store. That's about it for her days accomplishments. Then, her roommate, Rebecca, suggested that she apply to work at Tony Bentos, a small sushi restaurant. Realizing that the window for restaurant applications was almost closed for the day, Rachel hoped on her bike and pedaled, fast as the wind, to Tony Bentos and handed in her resume.

After this she returned home to make no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, which are, as this author types, solidifying into true cookie form. As she was about to pour the cookie mixture onto the wax paper that it requires for the hardening process she heard the alarming sound of her phone ringing. When she looked, what did she see but a 503 area code flashing on the screen. Rachel knew that this was a Portland number and answered promptly. It was Tony Bentos! They liked her so much that they called her back only an hour and a half after she handed in her resume.

Rachel agreed to attend an interview tomorrow at 3pm and to train for the job if they chose her. And in a much better mood she went back to doling out chocolate no bake cookies. When she had just spooned the last cookie onto the wax paper what happened? Why, Rachel was called again by a number beginning in 503. This time it was a restaurant that she had applied to host at last week calling to schedule an interview for tomorrow or Wednesday at 3pm. Seeing as she already had one interview scheduled for tomorrow she chose Wednesday for her interview with the second callers.

And then she sat down to quickly update her blog about the success of her day.

Rachel thanks everyone for checking in and apologizes for her liberal use of corny writing style and referring to herself in the 3rd person all post.

She wishes you all happy adventures and thinks that soon she'll be rolling in the dough.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New friends...hmmee?

OK it's hard to type the sounds that I want to make sometimes but the gist of that title is: I'm potentially making new friends at work and in general!

I am apprehensive though, since having friends can often times mean spending money. Usually, that's OK but right now I'm running a tight ship on the money front and can't really afford to spend money. Does that mean I can't afford to have friends?

I'm looking into joining a group called Hands on Portland which is a very large volunteer program in Portland where I might meet people and make friends for free! That would be nice.

Another, money saving bonus, is that as a host on the weekends I get to eat a meal for free!! Yay! I love getting free food so much :D. Now, if only I got to work the rest of the week and got food for that as well :D.

I haven't heard back from Target yet and feel hopeful that Target would have no reason not to hire me and will hire me shortly. Yeesh... It's getting pathetic when I'm praying that Target will hire me.

Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time.