Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventure time

I have been hanging out with a bunch of adventurers. We've gone on adventure runs where we ended up sliding down steep embankments to get to roads and finding secret parks and happening upon beautiful rose gardens.
We've gone to parties where we danced all day and then walked across the city stopping only for peanut butter and jelly fries.
We've caught cherries that were impromptu picked from up high and thrown into waiting baskets (made of t-shirts being worn).

Work has been plentiful but oh, there is so much time in a day. Yesterday I visited the Rhododendron garden and stopped by a vietnamese sandwhich spot and ate green tea and red bean cake. It is good to be young and full of hope and energy.

I hope that you are finding some adventures of your own out there.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty Boy Sundays

I'm almost too tired to write tonight. Already, I've opened the computer three times to update you all on life over here but have closed it again too exhausted to think.... All I can think is sleep. Instead of think I typed sleep a minute ago. Side note: Pretty boy sunday is my favorite new phrase.

This is my 12th day in with one day out of work and I get to go back tomorrow night before my next day off. Well, maybe it'll be slow and I'll get called of. One can hope. Plus, only 5 days of work left until I'm homeward bound.

The Saturday to Sunday connection is especially difficult. Saturday being a day I wake early to run after working until 12 or 12:30 the night before. Then spending all day getting life done, in the best possible fashion, before heading in to work again (yesterday from 4:30pm-12:30am).

I bike home after that business and get up again before 7 in the morning on Sunday (leaving me with a grand total of about 5.5 hours of sleep).

The thing that makes it more traditional and far more difficult is that I lost my cell phone... So, that's been fun.

I'm not complaining.

Working so much has finally put me in the groove of the job. I'm getting quick, efficient. My plates are getting prettier. Things are alright. I've gone on dates with a couple of awesome people one of which I also work with(making work all that much better). I'm totally enchanted by the friends and new characters in my life and I'm making that money before I come home. My only complaint is allergies. These things suck.

Allrighty. I'm out. It's a reasonable hour to pass out, finally. . .