Saturday, February 5, 2011

32 hours

Yesterday, our internet went out.

It was out from when I woke up to listen to Stephanie's radio show (at 7 am) to at least when i went to bed at 12pm. I didn't check it again until I came home from work this afternoon. So, I went a whole 32 hours with no internet. Which, it turns out was a challenge. I don't know how Stephanie does it in Paonia. Shout out to that.

I did get some good reading done, a run in, a friend date, some collage material cut out, and a collage made. So, a pretty good anti web day anyways.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to update for you all though. So, I'm relieved things have settled on that front.
Other than that, I've started campaigning for higher pay where I work. I don't know how that will go but I figure it can't go too poorly. Plus, as a host there, I do a lot that a server is getting tipped for plus way more to keep the restaurant running smoothly. So, I figure the hosts should get tipped out a little bit, at least.

One more day of work before the job search/rest of the week begins. Some highlights that you're almost sure to hear more about are:
and JOBS!

Get excited.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A day in

Today, most of my goals were goals that kept me inside. Except my first goal which was to get groceries. I walked to the grocery store.

I might add that it's super nice to be able to walk to a nice grocery store again.

I applied to jobs online. I made a collage (I'm trying to make more of those again). I started my book. I did some yoga. I made lunch. I made cookies. I talked to Stephanie on the phone. I made dinner and that's about it. When you spend all of your time at home it sure is easy to make food. Good thing I've got food stamps!

Hope all of you are having as easy a time of achieving your goals as I am having of achieving mine :D.

I'm off to set some more goals for myself now.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pizza and the move

So much is happening right now in my life here in Portland!

Yesterday morning I made Pizza dough (I even went on a quick bike ride while I was waiting for things to rise) Then, I did some household chores: cleaning, and packing etc. When the evening came, I headed on over to my new friend's Natalie & Alex's house with the pizza dough in tow.

We ended up making two pizzas and talking so late I had to stay on their couch because the trains had stopped running.

This morning after heading home, and a failed attempt to hit up the library on my way home, I set to work moving my stuff over to my new house. Here I have some pictures of my new room which is only partially set up but at least you'll get an idea.

There was a desk in my room when I moved in and it's so much more spacious than the one I have now that I think I'm going to keep it instead.

That blue milk crate is for my dirty cloths and I have a huge mirror!

I had these hooks on the wall at my other place to save valuable space and I just liked the idea of a coat hanging space for this room too.

How my closet will, hopefully stay. Organized and sparse.

All of this packing, moving, and cooking, has cut down on the number of jobs I'm applying to a day. Today I only got one online application sent in. So, I'm going to have to step up my game on that.

I'll try not to get too distracted by my other goals of unpacking, running with my new friend Marika, getting to the post office, and returning/picking up books from the library (as well as printing out resumes) get in the way of money making tomorrow.

I hope you have all had as satisfying a day as I have.