Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steady does it.

We're moving into a bit of a routine, Mamaw and I.

Eat yogurt first thing in the morning.
Drink Gatorade too.
Eat real breakfast -yesterday steak and eggs, today ham and cheese quiche.
Alongside breakfast, take pills.
Rest or reading time.
Lunch time with the drinking of more Gatorade*,
TV, nap, read, get out of the house: depending on energy levels (Yesterday we went to the Spa! a few days ago we went to the Audiologist)
Snack time & Gatorade
Get mail**, accept phone calls, maybe clean up a little
Dinner time. It isn't irregular for another member of the family to come over and make or help out with dinner.Last night my aunt, Sarah, came over and made meat loaf, the night before my uncle came over and grilled steaks. Tonight, another uncle, Scott, is coming over to hang out during or shortly after the dinner hour.
TV: Wheel of Fortune
TV: Jeopardy: I think we're getting better at the game.

*Gatorade is consumed every time I can convince Mamaw to drink more of it.
** if you know her, send Mamaw mail. It makes her day so much better and I don't see a reason why any day has to go by where she doesn't get something good in the mail.

As you can see, much of our day consists of eating, drinking, sleeping, and sitting. It's an easy life, but one that pretty much guarantees that a few pounds will be gained whilst I'm here. Hopefully, running and kart-wheeling will keep those pounds at bay for a time. If not, my second hope is that my family doesn't give me too hard a time about said pounds (Hear that family?!?!).

I am always, happy to be a help, and am thankful to all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins for making it easy for me to help by giving me so much support and away time.

Shout outs this week to: Eddy for coming over and making us steaks; Sarah both for picking up much of her family and transplanting them to Mamaw's for dinner last night making it possible for me to go out and see my friends and for checking in regularly to see how things are going; Scott for coming over tonight so I can go to an impromptu baby shower; and my Cousin Aaron who is willing to come over tomorrow night if need be, so I can go to another friend's birthday party. You guys really make life easy on me and I appreciate it ever so much.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Today, My friend Dan and I made waffles for lunch. This is what happened. 

Dan started off with a more fun approach to waffles 

Mine were just traditional scattered berries. 

Binicula style waffle 

A vampire and a vampire cat. 

floral pattern