Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seattle: part two.

So, let's just sum some of this trip up.

Part two: after my first update I went on a little more exploring. Saw some more neon signs, stumbled upon some gum-walled alleys, wondered my way through a shopping district of some sort with a cool public art area of blue trees and weird figures. 

The next day, upon awaking and after a little phone conversation with family members, I went back into the world, touring it up at Theo's Chocolate Inc where (watch out) I found out that chocolate over 70% cocoa is considered a health food! Get it! Also, I found out how chocolate is made and that I like chocolate nibs that most people find disagreeable. On my way back towards the Bolt bus (which I highly recommend taking) I saw the space needle. 

Overall, I toured it up and with the exception of an expensive yet low quality dinner the first night the whole experience was very affordable. 

Let's do a quick price breakdown:
$20 round trip bus ride to and from Seattle 
$26 hostel stay (the hostel's of Seattle are not the cheapest)
$2.50 in bus fair to get around
$6 for the chocolate tour
$6 burrito for lunch 
$free breakfast
$free water
$(stupid 19) dinner I bought a lot of food 'cause I was starving before I learned that the food sucked. 

79.50 (coulda been a bit less if not for that stupid meal) But, I didn't skimp on meals in general. If I had wanted to go cheaper I could have packed food. The hostel was nice and clean. 

I went to have fun and I did.

The view from my hostel

 A kinetic sculpture

 A moment of sunlight at the end of an otherwise dreary day in Seattle

 More  "neon"

What was I saying? So much neon.

 Stumbled unto this gum alley

 Several yards of  gum walls

 Gum window

Displays of love in "ABC" gum 

 Kiki Smith-esq sculptures

In a grove of blue trees 

 fire hydrant of Seattle

 Garish signs galore

 Went on a chocolate factory tour.

 Funnel for chocolate nibs

 Space Needle!
(yeah I'm a tourist)

Flowers I brought back to Portland

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