Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend War

I feel like our kind of weekend war, the family kind, has more than occasionally been against the yard. Well for and against in different ways. And since I really have no weekend and in fact have only one day off in the next week before I dive right back into my work week again, every morning is my weekend. And I wage my fight against the yard a lot.

In some ways our yard is out of control. We are without a working lawnmower and our grass is, almost, intentionally wild looking. Aphids consumed one of my dear tomato plants. But it is also a constant work in progress. today I released over a thousand ladybugs into the yard and garden to combat the aphid issue and I thinned my carrot plants
little tiny carrot plants

I like working nights. I am really productive throughout the day. I've never been about mornings anyways. Well, it's been a long time at least. I think the last time I was excited about waking up early I may have been 11 and there may have been cartoons involved. Also, it may have been Saturday. Shout out: Saturday morning cartoons

I hope you all are getting it done. With or without a weekend. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday (AKA Caterday).

I suddenly seem to have Saturday free. How exciting! What to do? What to do?

Sauvie Island (the sweet little farming island just north of Portland) has some you-pick farms. Since, I've been hearing about the joys of you-pick from so many sources and have been inundated with pictures of pies, you know what I want to do if I am, indeed, free. Perhaps, I'll make a date of it and get one of my many suitors to come with me. Or maybe it'll be straight roomie fun.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I may have to work.... but if I don't...