Monday, October 15, 2012

Physical hardships

My body is having a rough week. My foot is still aching from the marathon producing a limp in any journey ranging over 70 yards or so. I burn myself with sugar not once but two times throughout the workweek (sweet, sweet pain) and then again while cooking at home yesterday. While hanging out with Alex the other day I got a splinter, through my sock and into my foot. Are you for real?! And yesterday, I bought a hole punch which not only broke on it's first use but also pinched a little bit of my hand in the act of breaking, adding insult to injury.

It looks like I won't be running another race in a couple of weeks which sucks! My muscles feel great. I want to run. I just want my foot to feel better so I can run. I'm going for a sports injury massage tomorrow. Please let it help. Working six days a week this week unless someone gets excited about picking up for me. That would be great. I don't think that standing for 6 hours at a time is doing my foot any favors although it does my mind some favors because the opposite is feeling lazy sitting around all day which is THE PITS.

How do you cope with injury. I've never been physically incapable of running. I don't know what to do. At least I can still bike but the rains have come so that is not nearly so fun anymore. Time to suck it up and get that pool pass.