Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm taking two of my lady friends to the marathon that I had planned on running earlier this month tomorrow. That means a 6am wake up time. Good golly miss Molly! That's early. But, I'm happy to do it. I'm glad that someone will be getting to run that marathon and to get out of town as well. It will be really nice to switch things up. I've been really aching to get out of town.

The east coast had me spoiled with the abundance of different cities all within a couple hours drive of bus ride from the next one. Now, when I want to get out of town, I don't know what to do or more aptly, where to go.

I'd hop down to San Fran if it wasn't flying distance away and Seattle is close, so that's always an option. I am partial to chocolate factories so it might be the very best option. Too bad I'm such a city slicker. I need to live near more of them to be comfortable.

What's your favorite living situation? Big city, small town, open country, backwoods of a national forest?