Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friend Dinner

I am so excited to make this recipe (in approximation, I'm not getting crazy and buying $7 gluten free granola) that I've planned a friend dinner so that I can make it happen without eating them all myself.
Now, I've just got to make the rest of the dinner plans and things can happen.

I love summer time, friend dinners, and planning events so that you can make one dish.

What're your favorite dishes to make with friends?

P.S. I might make this dish too.

Shout outs today to Sprout Health for hooking it up on the recipes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The truth is yellow, for now.

Yesterday, I dyed my pants yellow orange. Sherbet orange, I'd call it if pressed. 

I got you all a couple of pictures but they're not as spectacular as the pants. 

Which brings me to two different points. First out of, I will be dying these pants every so often until they are very dark. Next up, I kind of want to dye them burgundy/brown however, I'm thinking of green now. Eventually, they'll probably be black. Now, they are yellow though. So, here we have it. Don't worry, you shall see them all.

My second of two points is, I may start looking for a new camera. I'm thinking of getting a phone with a good camera when I update. Any suggestions on point and shoots or cell phones?

My pants! Used to be white but got dirty too easily.

Close up!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flower season!

Things aren't going perfectly over here but when do things ever go perfectly? 
Here are some pictures of a vase full of flowers that I picked in my yard. Enjoy.