Friday, June 17, 2011

Keeping it busy

Wow, The last week or so has flown by.

When I got back into town from some delightful family time, I went straight to work. After work I set into getting my house ready for my guest Jamie.

That was Friday.

Saturday, after work, Jamie got into town and the festivities began. Sunday I worked some more (luckily Jamie had to work every morning he was here anyways so it worked out well). We did all kinds of things in our free time though. We made dinner together (I made him make my household banana bread). We went to the highest point in the city and looked out over the beautiful vista while eating delicious sushi. We got food from food carts, we got $2 local beers (and I almost convinced Jamie to go to a Hamercize themed dance party). We went to the Rose Festival and saw a show. We visited Voodoo Donuts and tried three different kinds of donut-Bacon Maple, A little Voodoo doll one, and a vegan oreo one.

Now after working the today and yesterday and running my long run (10 miles) I am off to a Prom Bike ride. Yay for Pedal Pallooza!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

City of Roses

They don't call this town the city of roses for nothing. And that's what I learned upon returning to Portland*. My yard, which is generally a little unkempt, was filled with beautiful blooming roses! I shot some pictures and meant to have them up for you yesterday but got distracted as my buddy, Jamie, arrived in Portland yesterday.

Bunch of roses on the side of our house

A couple of roses in the front of our house

Rose from the back yard

Huge rose (like 4 or 5 inches in Diameter) next to our back gate

*The city of Portland is actually, called the rose city because of the existence of it's famous rose testing gardens where a variety of roses found no were else may be growing at any given time.

Now, I'm off to get ready to work. I'll see you on the flip side.