Saturday, July 7, 2012

Richmond: The final hours

I haven't updated you! You know nothing about what is going on in my life! How will you live yet another moment without finding out all the sweet deets?!

I know. Life is a constant challenge. I am tired but here I am plugging away at the ol' blog. Trying to make you people happy.

I miss Portland. There I said it. It's almost true. I am excited for the last day and a half of Richmond before Portland becomes a reality for me again but I miss my roomies, my friends, my plants, the boy I'm super excited about. I miss having a regular bowel movement and my regular running partners too.

Wanting everything is hard. I want 100+ degree weather and crazy humidity and I want the beautiful serene of 80 degree Portland and biking everywhere. I want my friends to all live in the same place and I never want to have to leave my family... BUT I want my space. Quiero hablar espanol but I don't want to have to learn. I am lazy in wanting and filled with desire. What to do, what to do? Enjoy what I've got and work towards obtaining these wants? Deny what I've got and all earthly pleasures? Expand my garden, go for runs, and be a regular, employed member of society (boring but probable).

Since I've been in town, I've spent time with the Grams (shout out Mamaw- I love you dearly), spent time with friends, cooked out, watched fireworks, went on 7 mile runs in near 100 degree weather, ate huge breakfasts, gossiped viciously (well not viciously but with great enthusiasm). Eaten frozen greek yogurt, slept fitfully and attended a wedding.

Still to go are walks along the riverside, a huge brunch as part of a lady date, eating out at a crappy restaurant in the airport with my friends who are flying in as I get ready to fly out. Getting more frozen greek yogurt in my belly, visiting with friends not yet visited with, getting a ride from a cousin I haven't had a chance to speak with and little morning time with my parents. This is an ideal world.

Adios Chiquitos.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't stop

Vacation: a time of relaxation right? Wrong.

Vacation is a time to pack in all of the social and familial obligations that you have missed out on over the past collection of months. You work and you work so you can go on vacation and then you don't stop moving until you're back to work and vacation is over. And then, honestly, you're still moving because you're at work. It's an interesting structure. Both fulfilling and depleting. When you're not on vacation you miss the feeling of the break: seeing old friends, spending time with family, visiting new places. When you are on vacation you miss all of your new friends, the people you've just started dating, and the regularity of your everyday life. Everywhere you go, you are winning and losing, giving and taking, stopping and starting.

All that I'm saying is, that I'm tired and I'm not sure when that is going to go away. Maybe that's what the actual act of traveling is for. Sleeping. Sleeping on planes is my specialty anyways so I might as well embrace it.