Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yard Sale! Yard Sale!

The past two days have been days of acquisition.

Yesterday, I bought myself some beautiful sheets from an estate sale ($2 total) and today I bought myself a beautiful print ($1) , some very pretty coasters (.75 total), a useless but whimsical clock ($4), and a very cute desk to do my computing on ($10)

My room still has a ways to go as I'll probably need something to put my coasters on and to hang my print with but I'm still pretty thrilled. Here are a few pics of my new treasures.

My new desk. So cute!
Close up of my clock. You can see why it isn't functional
Coasters with real pressed flowers in them!!
Beautiful print on Indians/Native Americans
My bed with yellow sheets, my desk & computer, and of course the quilt that Mamaw made for me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rainbows, Reservoirs and Wrought Iron Fences.

There's a man in camouflage pants sitting in an old lady chair in the entrance way of the lobby and as I sit at my tiny, Nickelodeon green slimed computer there are two others at the table with me, also, on their respective computers.

A Bostonian boy in the corner on a the couch relentlessly questions a French hiker and this is what I am a part of as I finish my night at the hostel. The day has been at some points long and at some points very short.

I spent a painful hour and a half being turned down by restaurant after restaurant at the street on which I've been wanting to work but then I went on a beautiful bike ride and remembered how nice the city can be when the sun comes out.

I ended up at a park known as Mt. Tabor Park and saw a beautiful view, a reservoir, and a rainbow. That was all very scenic. I also came "home" to a very talent filled open mic night and a surprise skype call from the very best of boys, Zachary Ward.

In short, the day ended well although I think that little, if any, footing was gained on the job front.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hawthorne District

The Hawthorne District is full of hipsters and good food.
Here is a gingerbread cookie and mango "ice cream" sandwich which was so delicious
I'm staying at a really awesome hostel where everything is sustainable. They compost, they recycle, they use 100% renewable energy sources such as wind. It's pretty nice. Today my game plan is to print resumes and apply for jobs as well as to explore the area which will soon be my home. Maybe I'll even head downtown to go to Powells, the awesome bookstore in town.