Saturday, November 17, 2012


Look forward to the future photographs. I just got an old camera from a friend and while right now it is totally dead, once we get a new power cord for that baby, you guys will be seeing what I see. I know, exciting. It might lead me on even better picture taking adventures. Look ahead lovelies.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

where one follows the other

Lists are the You know that. You can get so much done in a day, even if you wake up late, if only there is a tidy little list waiting for you to cross it's items out.

I'm back to running and while it is basically pathetic in comparison to what my body was capable of a month and a half ago, it's better than nothing. Everything is a give and take.

Also, my garden is going to be spectacular next year. I have planted a bunch of bulbs, have a little section planned out for the tubers I'll be getting in the spring, and will still have a steady crop of veggies I think. I'm even learning about spacing and whatnot. You're only a novice once. People don't understand the growers excitement but growing things is like witnessing magic all the time. Were does all that plant come from? It can't be that tiny little seed.

This is where my garden is right now. Still harvesting tomatoes off of my cherry tomato plant, got some inside basil working away. The bush snap peas are getting bigger but not a whole lot to harvest yet, two measly spinach plants have decided to grow. Slugs are eating everything. The carrots are taking off, I have at least one daikon radish ready to pick and a couple little red radishes showing their heads, the broccoli is still tiny (thanks slugs) but I have volunteer red lettuce, one kale plant that is hardy as all get out, and a whole bunch of chinese cabbage that I don't even know what to do with.

Next year: I will have radishes, bush peas, kale, spinach and lavender at the very least (I guess thyme and rosemary too) But, I also plan on having another tomato plant, a winter squash plant, a zucchini plant and perhaps an eggplant. Get excited and plan on staying with me come august. Because, there will be too much food for my household (it is best to remain ever hopeful).