Friday, December 3, 2010

With sunshine comes sunsets!

Today it was sunny! Oh, the wonders that a sunny day can do for you when everything's been gray for so long. Also! tomorrow I have work and sunshine means it will probably be busy and I'll get to stay for longer and thus get paid more. Get Money!!

Besides that, today I saw a sunset! It was spectacular. Not only do I not usually get to see the sun on a normal day but because of this I never get to see a sunset! I had forgotten how wonderful the sun moving over the horizon (or I think it would actually be the earth spinning so that it looks like the sun is moving over the horizon) could be.

So, in an act of humble gratitude I would like to issue the following statement:

Dear Sunshine,

I missed you more than words can explain. Thank you for coming back to me.

Please do not leave me for so long again. Being without you is being without a life force. Even if I can be emotionally strong, my body betrays me. My serotonin levels dip and I sink into a sleepy and unproductive state.

Now that you are back I am revived. I will remain faithful to you both out of principle as well as need. Please do the same for me.

Yours truly,

Rachel Ogburn

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Does anyone know what happened to this postcard?

A number of my postcards have been lost in the mail since I moved to Portland, OR and I'm hoping that this one did not. Let me know if you received this card.