Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flicks and pics

Yesterday I spent my evening in a most delightful way making

collages and watching chick flicks. Sometimes you just need a good romance film in your life

as well as some clippings from a variety of pretty

good sources. Shout out Daniel Wood for the National Geographics. Shout out Dad for the Netflix Subscription.

Hope you all have been having a good week.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wonky work week

Usually, I love working. I love knowing I'm making money. I love getting paid. I love being busy. I love having goals. I love a heavy dose of interpersonal interactions. I love making thinks run smoothly around me.

I know my use of the word 'love' here is very liberal but what I'm saying is working is usually something that I cherish being able to do.

Recently that hasn't been the case. The last week has found me just a bit angrier and angrier at the establishment for which I work every day. I think it could just be one of those wonky work weeks where nothing goes right and things just conspire to peeve you.

Since, I hadn't updated my blog as of late and I had work today I thought I would let you all know these feelings I've been having. :D.
It's silly, and I'm sure it will pass and I'll love working again in just a few bit. On the upside I did have an interview at another restaurant yesterday. As far as I know, it went well. Hopefully that pulls through and things will start looking up on the work front.

Best wishes. Hope everyone is looking forward to a great new year.

Monday, December 27, 2010


For Christmas Jon & I made cookies! Here are some pics for you!

Coconut rice is cooking on the stove and cookies are being plated

Cookies in the oven