Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear sweet Mamaw,

You are a woman, beautiful in faith and generous of character. Full of contradictions, like all of us, your good heart and loving soul were never hard to see.

While it is hard to come to terms with the grasp of death and the idea not doing things with you anymore - to plant (or weed) for, to cry and to laugh with, to cook for or to be cooked for, to eat with, to gossip about the family with, to walk with, send mail to or even to watch TV with, it is a relief to not have you suffer anymore.

I know that faith guided you along in both life and death and am thankful for that. I know that your love for us has made us better people. And God knows that we will miss you.

"Why cry for a soul set free?" I love you more than words can say.