Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bits and pieces

I have so many different projects underway. You guys best be glad that I don't have any way to capture the complete wreck that is my room right now.

I'm making little ambient light arrangements for my room. I'm getting rid of my couch and my desk, stripping a section of my room of two layers of wallpaper and one layer of paint in order to repaint it.

I just procured a loft for free and am now on the rampage fixing my room up. Ordered some sweet shelves for my future, and, am going to repaint my dresser. to match my shiny new wall. Besides that I'm trying to outfit a corner of my bed to be a little couch for reading while sitting up. That's important stuff. Nothing is done. Most of this is still a dream. But it's a dream that can be realized. I have three days a week off from work.

Wallpaper striping formula, primer, white paint, an electric sander, a tiny bit of colorful paint 3 colors, a little bit of wood to build supports on the loft/couch and a drill. That's what I need. I might pull up my carpet after this too. I just pulled up a bit to find that there is hardwood floor underneath of this ugly stuff. Why would you do that to a space?!

Besides that I'm working on some Christmas projects, postcards, and some ongoing yard work. My biggest problem is that I forget to eat when I get all caught up in these things. I've been living off of brussel sprouts and corn tortillas for two days for lack of faster and better things to eat once I realize that I'm starving. It'll all balance out eventually. Plus, brussel sprouts are the best. But seriously, who wants to come over and feed me?