Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Preparedness

So, it's soon to be winter time and I am getting all set.

If you don't know, I've already procured an awesome, waterproof, and very adjustable hat in which to bike and generally live. And now, I have received my final birthday jacket in the mail! I did send two other potential birthday jackets back before getting this one. So, I am super excited! This coat is so much warmer than my old jacket, of which I am soon to be rid. Side note: trying not to end sentences in prepositions is a small challenge for me.

My old jacket

My new jacket which has a removable fleece and collar that zips up to my chin. If it's really cold out I can zip it on up. If it warms up I can take the fleece out. I can also just wear the fleece but that option probably never going to happen while I live in Portland.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Big City

This past week I visited San Francisco. I spent some good time with the little sis, and some sweet but fleeting moments with the elder of us kids too. I went on an impromptu date, ate so much delicious food, checked out downtown Oakland, and spent a few nights with a good friend from back in school. I also got to see a bunch of cool things and experience what a beautiful city San Francisco was.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

The sisters in front of the "golden" gate bridge

Delicious pastry I couldn't resist eating a bit of before photographing.

The view from Buena Vista park (you can kinda see the bridge in the distance)

A buena vista park bench

Coit Tower, where I met my impromptu date

A mural of naked people I stumbled upon

A "yellow tree" with yellow leaves walking away from the famous part of Lombard St.

Don't park here, I guess

The Tenderloin area had awesome murals

Mural in the Tenderloin

Same mural

The kind of close together housing that I miss about Richmond

A shop sign on Haight Ashbury

A carousel in The Golden Gate Park

Store in Haight Ashbury

I think this is a eucalyptis log

Plant in Golden Gate Park (everything grows there)

One kind of San Francisco architecture.

The view from some famous pier where there are sea lions

Giant Yoda statue made out of Legos

I'm about to turn in for the night. Trying to wake up and go to a morning Yoga class tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. Trying to be productive with my free time these days.