Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silly emails and guacamole

I applied to a job today. How is that different than any other day you might ask?! And I will say, "That in itself is not so absurd
but what comes next you haven't yet heard".

OK. OK. I know. That was awful.

And that's the thing. I just applied to a job using lines like that. It was an email only application with my cover letter and resume attached. I didn't want it to go unnoticed so I titled it "dynamic and diligent FOH delight" and then I went on to use an acrostic! That's right as in:

Aren't I
Crying a little on the inside?
Reason being:
Oh that I've begun to try
Intelligence insulting
Crap to get a job.

Like that. But hopefully more job winning and less negative. It might reduce my chances of getting the job but I never feel like my chances start off that high and who knows?! It might up my chances too. It is only a restaurant job.

Other than that, I went on a hike with my exercise buddy Marika the other day. It took 2 hours! I'm not that outdoorsy and usually after 2 hours in the beautiful wilderness I would have a headache and a runny nose but luckily good health and fun time prevailed! Here's to being outside. Tomorrow's a run and also a friend dinner and tonight's a friend's show.

This week is shaping up quite nicely (besides the weird antics to get a job).

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