Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bagby Hot Springs

This Sunday, as a special welcome to Oregon treat (to me), I rented a zipcar for myself and some friends and we went up towards the mountains and to a hot spring known as Bagby Hot Springs.

I have no experience at a hot spring and this was an interesting start. The place was up a beautiful hike passing the gorgeous Clackamas river multiple times and finally getting to a rustic, but developed, hot springs with a set of wooden tubs.

Unfortunately, the day that we went there seemed to be some difficulty with the water flowing into the tubs. So, it was a very long wait for a hot springs fed tub for the group. Still, the company and the trip was pretty much worth it even if we had ended up absolutely nowhere.

The trip back (some would say the highlight) incorporated a very strange safari themed restaurant in which we spent over two hours despite being one of only two tables there. It was a bizarre restaurant full of taxidermied exotic animals, a stage with a disco ball, hunting themed video games, and very few unfried vegetarian dishes (I'm talking friend zucchini, fried mac and cheese, and onions rings as a selection of the meatless options). Pretty sure the healthiest option was fettuccine alfredo.

While, there were some set backs in the operation of the adventure machine, It was still a great time. It was weirdly, invigorating to drive a responsive car through curves and up hills. And, it was really nice to see everyone that came along and admire the beauty of this state that I now live in.

Hope you all got into something fun this weekend.

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