Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday's update... one day late

Hey all,

Sorry about the lateness of my updates this week. The problem is that once I'm thrown off schedule at all I'm a mess trying to get back on one.

This week's been great It started off with a bang working through the weekend and a passover/easter dinner on Sunday. Jon-Mike and Jackie got here on Saturday night so they got to come to dinner at my friend Natalie's house. Monday was more work and some running and my roomie Sean took the family to his climbing gym with him, Tuesday consisted of volunteering ( a good day for Jon-Mike and Jackie to explore the city on their own), and then some cheap brews and tasty delights at East Burn (the place we go for $2 tap beers on Tuesdays). Wednesday was my day off so extra sleep was had and cookies were made- and then promptly devoured and running was done. Thursday my second shift serving and Jon-Mike and Jackie's last day here. I got back from work and hung out with the family for a couple of hours before the two honeymooners continued on their adventure. Friday, today, I hosted but just for a little bit before heading back home to chill out for a bit before my evening run which I am looking forward to. Tomorrow and Sunday bring more hosting and then Monday starts me off with another serving shift. Work is plentiful and spring time is heading in our direction.

Hope you all are staying busy in an equally delightful way and are greatly enjoying the weather from where you read.

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