Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Road Running: a recycling of topics

Recently, I've had a lot of time on my hands so I've really been stepping up my exercise game. I'm on my third day running this week and I've already gotten a yoga class out of the way too. It's so invigorating to be getting in shape and exercising on a regular basis. I got so caught up in all the daily exercise, I almost forgot that I have an actual, planned 5k on Sunday. Luckily, they send out reminder emails or I might have missed it. Actually, it's on my google calendar so I would have gotten a reminder email from google about 15 minutes before the race was set to start (maybe I should update my alert preferences).

Besides that I've also been updating/practicing some basic math which I've mostly forgotten. I'm starting with the really basic stuff but, hopefully once I've got things solidly remembered I can move up into slightly harder stuff. If you are looking to learn something for free online I have to recommend the Khan Academy. You can learn all kinds of subjects there. I'm also looking into re-upping on my Spanish knowledge and have signed up for an account on but I so far am a little intimidated by trying to remember and learn another language so I'm sticking with the math.

I've got another week of near freedom coming up in which I will be volunteering with at least 2 maybe 3 different organizations (That would be a personal high for me). With one of them I think I'm even going to get free breakfast and lunch. Who said being underemployed is a bad thing?

After these 2 weeks it'll be back to the grind for a while which will be good for the money situation but, maybe, bad for my math and Spanish skills.

Later kids

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