Wednesday, July 27, 2011


On Sunday I went Zoobombing. I've attached an article here which pretty aptly describes the event.

In fact, I rode on the Max up the hill with the blind bomber who is mentioned in the article. It was delightful. I went up with my new friend from work, Christopher (because I was afraid to do it alone) and we made it for the second round of hill bombing. We rode back up for the third round but ended up doing it before the rest of the group since it was getting late and we both had work in the morning. I was super tired for work the next day as we ended up staying out pretty late (I got home at about 1:40am) but it was totally worth it. Not only did I get an awesome new experience I also got some new friend time in.

Outside of my new zoobomb experience, I've also been working on an art project and have made some pretty cool purchases as of late. I bought a table saw the other day but am still in the process of changing the blade so that I can use it. I'm about to head out to buy some embroidery floss. Hopefully, I can show you all some pictures of what's been getting underway pretty soon.

Bye for now.


  1. That sounds awesome! And adorable. Sounds like you're enjoying portland!

  2. It was awesome. It's a tiny bit dangerous but so much fun and as long as you wear the right protective gear the risks are more minimal.