Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back at home: a summary of events

Today, I made it back to Portland. It was a good time I had in Breckenridge and the surrounding areas with the fam. But I am glad to be back at home to earn money and get the house ready for my the parade of guests that I'm going to be having in shortly. Here are some pics to document the good vacation times.

Petrified Redwood stump (this thing was huge)

On a pass these mountains are really high.

I think this picture pretty much perfectly summarizes the general color scheme of Colorado.

Both of my brothers got on this big rock at Boulder Creek


Statues in Breck

Mom and Dad posing with these statues

A side note that Dad and I did my long run today from Breckenridge to Frisco and it sucked. Altitude training blows. But, I'm very happy to have had someone to run it with and to have it out of the way as tomorrow is a very busy day.

Best to all.

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  1. Colorado is by far my favorite state. So happy you were able to go!