Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden time

Our yard has pretty much been in total disarray ever since I moved into the house. And it has only gotten worse since then. We don't have a functional lawn mower, blackberries have decided that they should own our yard instead of us, no one wants to clean the yard up when it's rainy all the time.

Luckily the sun is here and this year, my roommate's girlfriend (who I think is tired of sitting around watching my roommate play video games), is helping us clear everything out.

The blackberries are being beat into submission-much thanks to her. We still have plenty of roots to dig up but there is an end in sight which is such a relief.

Taking components from our back yard that were previously covered by the blackberries, I've built a small garden area in the front yard to grow succulents, tomato plants, basil and hopefully carrots soon. I ordered some lady bugs for my tomato plants which are currently infected with annoying aphids. I've been wiping them off but can't wait to get some predatory action going against those little buggers.

This is the garden area that I made in our front yard. Hopefully to be added onto in the near future.
There is currently only one tomato plant and some hardier "found" plants growing there right now.

Succulents that we found growing on the sidewalk and being tossed by neighbors (also, a somewhat stolen strawberry shoot).

Hopefully, we can make this happen. The growing season isn't exceptionally long here but I have faith that it will turn out well. Wish us luck.

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