Monday, February 20, 2012

3 from 70.

It is supposed to be 70 degrees on Thursday which is three days from now. That being said, I got snowed in town last night and didn't make it back until this morning. Shout out to Scott & Renee who don't know me well but still feed me (lasagna), gave me drink, (home brewed beer) and entertained me, (Apples to Apples and a movie plus good conversation) then let me crash at their house.

blue skies and snowy trees 

 Snow in tree nooks, Daniel in the background

Branches are down, but snow begins to melt. 

The white stuff did melt enough to let me get back to Mamaw's in time to cook breakfast: my first ever making of soft boiled eggs was a success. Hurray for short term snow. I hope somebody got a snow day though. 


  1. No problem! We had a good time, and were happy to offer you a place to stay! No snow day, sadly...

    1. I had such a good time with you guys. It reminds me that I should try to be friends with my friend's friends more. I've actually never enjoyed a game of apples to apples until that night. Sorry, you didn't get out of work :P. Better luck next time.