Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, many of you may know that I had to get 1,000 cavities filled over the past couple of weeks. Luckily, the worst is behind me. I just have one more redo to go. Plus, I think I'm going to need them to smooth one of my newest ones down because it's got a bit of an edge to it.

It's weird to be anesthetized. The whole time they were working and for the next five hours I felt like the left side of my face was made up of paint filled water balloons. A very crafty clown made that half of my face I must say. Too convoluted of a balloon animal reference?

I am now up to flossing my teeth twice a day and consider brushing after every meal but it turns out I eat a lot of lunches at work so that probably won't work. I'll do what I can.

Outside of oral heath I've been trying to work my sorry butt back into shape as well. I've been running with my roomie's friend Dan who is my neighbor as well as with another roomie's friend who needed a running buddy. I'm starting to get so excited about a few races. Up and coming I have a Holiday 5k. It would have been a half marathon but I got too sick and behind in training so I transferred to the 5k. But, more excitingly, I'm going to be back home for the Ukrops Monument Ave. 10k which is totally my favorite race ever! I think I'm going to try to train for a half marathon that is a week before it and then run the 10k as a recovery race. It'll be so nice to see Richmond through the eyes of a runner again too. I also, snuck in a yoga class today. The bonus of not working a whole lot is you can, cook, clean, exercise and still have time for books and TV.

But, now I'm going to settle into bed seeing as I do have work tomorrow at 7:30.

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