Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This past week I've been making a distinct effort to stay busy- to get out at night and to really embrace the beautiful weather that we're having while we have it. It can be so easy to sit on your lazy butt all day after you get off work because, of course, sitting down can feel so good after 7 or 8 hours of standing. Here's what I've been up to most recently.

Friday: Went to see my friend Kristopher's band, Perfect Look, play for the first time. A small side note might be made that today my ears are still ringing from listening to the two bands that played before them. Earplugs are a definite must.

Saturday: Got out to see a band of fellows that I've had a serious of crushes or dates on called And, And, And. They played a good show but who really blew me away that evening was a band called Death Songs. A really serious name but a really impressive band.

Sunday I just went to see Patagonia Rising, a movie about damning these two rivers in Patagonia that Stephanie's friend had made. I crashed pretty early after that which was good since Monday turned out to be a really long day.

Then, yesterday, Monday, I went out to see Perfect look again and got to see this super fun Japanese band called M.O.T.O. and that was really rad.

Tonight, there may be dinner with friends and a cheap draft beer at $2 beer nights but no deafening shows for me. Tomorrow, I go out to see a band that I may have mentioned here before My Autumn's Done Come who have recently changed their name to just Autumn's Done Come. So, it's going to continue to be a happening week.

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